Splinter Cell Conviction

Just downloaded this short demo from Xbox Live.

I think it looks ace, the new 'mark & execute' feature is a welcome addition and the whole thing looks a lot grittier.

Another new thing to Conviction is the 'last known position' where when you are detected, an outline of yourself appears. You can move into the shadows and flank the enemy while they aim at the outline.

As I said above, its fairly short but you can take out a decent amount of enemies. If you haven't downloaded it yet, I recommend you do.
It's taken me a while to get Splinter Cell: Conviction as I got Red Dead Redemption and BC2 first and I've been low on funds.

It's a fairly impressive game. It comes on leaps and bounds from Double Agent but its fairly linear and stealth seems not as important as it has been in previous titles.

The new parts, for example - the playable interrogation of certain characters is welcome but this only happens a few times in the game.

New gadgets such as the Remote Control Mine and EMP generator are pretty cool to use, along with the old favourites. You can pick several types of weapon, such as handguns, SMG's and AR's, which are customisable.

The single-player has a decent storyline, although it does get a bit ropey in places. Conviction also has a Co-Op mode and a Deniable Ops mini game. This is quite fun as stealth makes much more of an appearance. To get through the multiple levels easily, you should ignore the more gung-ho style of the single-player.

All in all, its a good game, but with the Single-player being more about action than stealth, it's lowered my score to a 7/10.

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