Discussion in 'Gunners' started by odd_job, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Hi All,

    I've been out nearly 20 years now, but having a debate with an fellow ex drop short, as to when and where 'splash' is used and whether its used in conjunction with any form of correction.

    Does anyone, who is up to speed have the DS answer please?

    Many thanks.
  2. You are going to get so much sh*te come your way calling yourself and "ex D*** s**** on a Gunner Forum.
  3. Used in air observed mission 5 seconds before fall of shot. Does not need to be read back by the OP.
  4. No offence meant! However having served 10 years, I feel that if I wish to refer to MYSELF as an ex drop short I can! Plank!
  5. Thanks. Good to see that some things don't change!
  6. Quite right, cos thats what WE all call YOU! Welcome by the way.
  7. Good to see that banter is alive and kicking in this PC world!!
  8. I prefer Gun Bunnie, but if you want to call yourself that your quite entitled too. I will put it down to your low self esteem.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Used by the Ack to the rest of the firing party to indicate that your rounds are landing in 5 seconds. Everyone should look in, over their binos to observe the 'splash'.

    The correction is then made to adjust the rounds.

  10. Used by the JTAC to indicate he has got a DH on the tgt and smashed all the bad guys. Thus proving he is indeed the hardest bloke on the battlefield, dashingly handsome and the king of the FST
  11. With you now. Gun Bunnies are a specialism, whereas Drop Short is a generic term for all ranks past and present from the Royal Regiment.
  12. Is that a change in VP? since we were always required to reply with a "Splash Out" which was normally the cue for everyone to take a peek at another awesome target round.. :)
  13. Muzzle maggots or Shellheads were other names oft used, by those of us who weren't involved with the gun side of life :p :D If you were a Gunner, then call yourself what you like, it's up to you?

    Splash over...Splash out
  14. In 94 the gun bunnies in 5 Bty always referred to the locators as 'spuds' because locator sounds a bit like potato. Probably. A bit.
  15. Is not VP! Its FIRE ORDERS and its correct that its not a requirment for the Observer to read Splash back, however he can if he so wishes.