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Spitting Image to Return.

It will be The Mash Report but with puppets.
I fear Dogmeat has nailed it, it'll be Ben Elton with puppets
More like Nish Kumar with puppets.

Ben Elton could be funny, Blackadder for example.
It's going to be an endless stream of Brexit = Bad, Boris = Bad, Orange Man = Bad, Dominic Cummings = Bad, White Males = Bad unfunny lefty shite.

I concur, I fear full on woke.

I hope to be gleefully proved wrong.
It wasn't that funny back then. People remember the best bits of it but a lot of it wasn't that funny or cleverly written. This will be more left wing, anti-brexit commentary the same as HIGNFY, Mash Report and the rest.
I wonder what they'll lampoon this time.
The original S.I. was probably one of the best political satire programmes ever made, imho. Yes Minister was probably the best though.

The new one has a lot to live up to, it says an awful lot that it's the UK which made these programmes and not other countries. You'd have thought the Land of the Free would have a bit more freedom to take the piss with their media.

I'm really hoping they show Vlad poisoning everyone. You can bet they won't touch anything like religion or ethnic stuff cos they'll probably get sued or slotted.
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