Spitting Image to Return.

DozyBint said:
Not only will it savage the politicians, but think of all the 'celebrity' egos that will get bruised... I can't wait! :twisted:
It's got to be worth a shot; I can imagine the steet protests already from those who cannot take any sort of criticism :lol:

No one escaped the writers' biting satire and it was said that the puppets could make or break politicians' careers

This will be brilliant, all that extra P1ss taking out of the politicians and all the Naff Z rate celebs.

This relationship between the premier and her ministers was summed up in a sketch where they are all seated in a restaurant. After Mrs Thatcher proclaims "steak, I'll have the steak", the waitress asks: "And what about the vegetables?", to which Mrs Thatcher replies: "Oh, they'll have the same as me."

I remember this episode, it was quality.



War Hero
Yay! I'm too young to have seen the original, but I've seen old clips and the humour is superb. Can't wait! :D
About fecking time. I was only just old enougth to watch it, and that ment staying up late. I think I saw the last two episodes. The Spit song at the end of the final episode was such a classic.

Anyone remember the Robo-Queen Mum sketch?

Thinking about it I might have a VHS tape where I recorded a couple of episodes...
I loved spitting image

Apparently magie thatcher told her cabinet not to watch it as they would find it deeply personal, but she quite enjoyed it as she was immune to such things.
Most excellent.. a new pope to mock, Peter Snow's sand-pit, I wonder what they'll do to Bin Laden?

Also, I demand a return of Spock and the Anteater! (Or was it an aardvark?)

One, two, a one-two-three-four!

Hold aaaaaa chicken in the air, stick a deck-chair up your nose, buy a jumbo jet and bury all your clothes!

Question: with the Wide-Mouth-Frog having such an already gopping caricature of a face, how can they possibly make the puppet look worse?
I look forward to an update of the song "I've Never Met A Nice South African", substituting 'West African', 'Albanian', 'Iranian'.

Shouty, over sensitive Muslims being satarised, it'll be fearless fun and free!
DozyBint said:
Question: with the Wide-Mouth-Frog having such an already gopping caricature of a face, how can they possibly make the puppet look worse?
well, am i the only one to remember that andrew lloyd webber and his spitting image puppet were never seen in the same room at the same time? i think it/they were one and the same! he actually did look identical to his puppet
I can just imagine the puppets for a sticky-out-ears-smiler and a wide-mouth-frog...

I'm off out to buy a wide screen telly.
Ooooh! A Cherie bLAIR puppet with a hugh gob, bank notes stuffed in every pocket singing 'If I Was a Rich Man' would be class :)
RABC said:
Fantastic - I'm old enough to remember all the orginals
Ditto & ironically in the recent house move found a "Spitting Image Annual" - classic entertainment :D I'm going to have fun getting the DVDs through the frigging censor over here..... :roll:

The politicians must secretly like Spitting Image as well. When i was a teenager you new the names of all the cabinet ministers because of that show...nowadays i can't kepp track of all the useless cnuts as they are all non descript!

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