Spitfire salute for royal couple

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Apr 27, 2011.

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  2. And then he'll be made redundant?
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  3. I suppose a Royal Wedding is the place to show off our latest Fighter plane.
  4. As the "100-year Experiment" draws to it's inevitable conclusion, future flypasts will be conducted from a Portacabin in the Nevada desert.
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  5. A helicopter flypast, or a Typhoon might have been more appropriate, but I guess there are none to spare. And perhaps the Red Sparrows charge too much?
  6. The SMAIL reported there would be a flypast of "Lancasters" as well as a Siptfire and a Hurricane.

    Wonder where the RAF are getting the "Lancasters" from?

    24 Apr 2011 ... Lancaster bombers, Spitfires and Hurricanes will join in a flypast over
    Buckingham Palace to celebrated the armed forces' involvement in the ...
  7. Currently 'display training' [yeah right] in Cyprus
  8. "RAF pilot Squadron Leader Ian Smith will perform a special wedding day flypast from the cockpit of a Spitfire. "

    So where else is he supposed to sit when flying?
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  9. Any chance of the Spit dropping 'surrender now' leaflets on the Libyan embassy as it leaves?

    BTW, is there an unofficial ARRSE viewpoint for the procession?
  10. IMHO, the unofficial "viewpoint for the Royal Wedding position" will be in the pub garden, from where the telly in the bar will be visible through the window. In the event of rain, the unofficial position will be leaning on the bar.
  11. Maybe he can strafe the Muslim protestors on his way past.
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  12. I wondered about that? It reads as though he's going to jump OUT of the Spitty and fly vertically past the balcony, which will make a reet mess of the right royal frock!
  13. Well, 2 Tornado's and 2 Typhoon's, is that the best we could do? Cameron should be cringing with shame, it was pathtic!
  14. Oh how I chortled! Just spat tea over my keyboard.