Spitfire over Thames

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by annakey, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. A few minutes ago apparently. I missed it, but a friend phoned and left the sound of the Merlin on my voicemail. It was doing aerobatics and she couldn't quite believe her eyes, got a lump in her throat and felt patriotic.

    "I struck up a conversation with an old gent who was also watching it. He thought they were filming something. Quite fab."
  2. It could be the one from Duxford. Seen it fly a few times. Lovely plane, and lovely sound!
  3. You simply cannot ignore the purr of the Merlin.
  4. I have a confession to make. I get an erection whenever I see and hear one of the following.

    Flying Fortress.

    Not in any order.
  5. Ill raise you a Dakota and a Herc.
  6. The darn thing was doing loops over Blackfriars Bridge!
  7. Forgot those 2. Have jumped from Herc, would have liked to have had a go at the Dakota.
  8. I'll raise you a Thunderbolt. There's something delicate about the 1940 Spitfire mark compared to the brutes which cleared the skies over Germany in 1944. Oh, and a P-38 - arguably the most beautiful WW2 machine.

  9. Much prefer the Hurricane, though overlooked by its glam sister, That and the B-17.
  10. This baby's for sale. No price tag. Look at those gull wings.

  11. Would love to but the corsair but where would could you park it, the square belongs to the razz man and your muckers would steal the tyres
  12. Make sure the wings still fold. It was a carrier plane after all.
  13. It's sold! Fess up. Which one of you bought it?
  14. Nothing beats the sound of a Merlin.

    Instant 'head-whipping-round' and occasionally walking into lamp-posts.

    I will say that that 'bent-winged barsteward from Connecticut' comes a close second.
  15. Mustang had a merlin engine-Doesnt beat the sound of a Spitfire though...