Spitfire for sale - 1 careful owner -

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Steven, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. Let's hope the bloody thing gets to stay in the country.
  2. Please, please let me have a drive. Come on, I flew a Chipmunk once...
  3. 1.5 million seems a little cheap for an airworthy Spit.
    I imagined they would go for alot more than that. A few more years of saving and maybe i could get meself one or at least a flight in one.
  4. i can see some young bored rich bod buying that,donning appropriate attire and landing in france somewhere "last thing i remembered was flying into a cloud circa 1942"
  5. 1 -2 mill is the going rate for Spits, when not in recession. The Holy Grail Spitfire, is the one hanging in the Science Museum, an untouched Battle of Britain veteran, which would probably go for this sort of money and much more if it was ever sold off.

    The recession has hit warbird prices hard. If that aircraft being offered for auction is PV202 , I am not sure it will make that sort of money. As much as my life's ambition is to own and operate a Spitfire , even if I could afford it I wouldn't have that particular aircraft. Personally, I think it's going to struggle to hit a Million.

    Edit - Having been to the Bonhams site to read the description, it's SM520 , a ground up restoration and by all accounts a superb example.

    Still not sure it will make the Bonhams estimate in the current climate though.
  6. Whats the other reason? I remember a few years back that a Hurricane ploughed in during an airshow. Im sure that it was supposed to of been worth alot. 13 million sticks in my mind for some reason. Just out of interest whats the reason for such massive differences in prices? can't be just resession surely?
  7. Personally I don't see what all the fuss is about?
  8. its got a german made prop so i dont want it.
  9. Having just read the Bonhams site description, it's G-ILDA/SM520 which is a superb restoration not PV202.

    The difference in prices is the recession. Owners have to be able to afford and operate the things. As spanking a resto as the job on SM520 is, I don't know if there is the money around to realise the Bonhams estimate of 1-2 mill

    There is no doubt SM520 is very possibly one of the best Spitfires available for sale today, but I don't know if the market is there as it would have been this time last year.
  10. Charles Church (the builder of executive homes) did his bit for the value of Spitfires by using his own version of this superb aircraft (EE606) to kill himself with, allegedly. Apparently he had caught his wife having an affair with his financial director so he decided to take his beloved kite up (out of Popham or Blackbushe - I can't remember which, both were close to his home) for the last time. He flew into a hill and wrecked the plane which subsequently burst into flames -destroying all of the airframe except for a section of the tail and rudder.
  11. Oh well may be Simon co well will buy it for you out of his savings in his piggy bank . :D
  12. And hopefully you'll get exterminated in your sleep, Chubb.
  13. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Is this the one James May had a go in? I seem to remember them saying it was ex South African.