spitballing.... hows this for an idea chaps?

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Rincewind, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. Good idea

  2. Bad idea

  3. have no opinion

  4. i am a nosy female/civilian and i will tick this option to keep the results accurate

  1. Its been hinted that there should be a Male only crawl and only serving and ex serving misters allowed.

    now before the sharp intake of breath from the females and tree huggers..... i will say - organise an all female crawl or a never been in the military crawl - its a free country (unless of course you are: white, hetrosexual, over 18, in full time employment and able bodied)

    like i said - its an idea that has been waved in front of me, perhaps because of the location and facilites i can put on the table.

    so, i say, post your thoughts and we will see if this idea has legs.....

  2. What are you up to? Males only, with a matelot avatar..... hmmmm :?

    Might be a good idea if you can control your enforced bum love bonding ritual desires! :oops:
  3. Rincewind,

    reviewing the phots and fall out of these epic runs I can't but help thinking you are entirely correct in contemplating a "sausage" party

    Who takes their bird/other birds on a piss up!! Its not the way


    If you do a 'males only crawl' can I bring the Luggage?
  5. Why is it that i mention a male only crawl and all the homos come out the wood work? :)

  6. You calling me a homo?

  7. You looking at my pint?

  8. ok i know punting can be annoying but its evening and a different shift is here in the land of arrse

    read, comment, vote.

  9. New thought / twist -

    If i did organise a male mil only crawl - would it be better if the lists were hidden?

    completely done by PM, no poloshirt, no open forum, just pay a tenner turn up and have a good time?

    PM me if you have a reply but dont want others to know you are interested.

  10. i think its a good idea Rincewind to be honest. Count me in for definate.

    Wherever it was done there would be "normal" women to chat up anyway would there not!!??

    be like being back in and going on section urine ups, but with more people!
  11. Thats the idea yes... no walts, no journos and no maidens (local population accepted)

    basically a run ashore with like minded people.

  12. Where were you thinking of for a venue?
  13. Whats the plan then gents?

  14. Newcastle?? festooned with nice laydees who dont care if your military, ex mil or not!!

    ill organise bar room golf cards.....

    we need 9 pubs!!

    last loon i played it with did a hole in one in each bar. and drunk inbetween "holes". hard to do i tell you!
  15. i never said they were. and as pointed out - they can organise a female only crawl.
    i am merely responding to demand.