Spit-shine Products - Are they any good?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ishinryu, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. I have just recieved the new Soldier Magazine (Oct 06) and am reading the Survival Aids advert. I noticed the Shape-Up instant Mirror Finish product and was wondering how good it is. I have a big parade coming up soon and having just had a new baby introduced to the household, I do not have the time to sit and bull my boots for hours on end. Do any of these products work, or is time and elbow grease the only sure way of getting that parade ground shine?

    I would appreciate constructive answers :D .
  2. Its ok for putting a base layer on but you'll still need to put in a bit of elbow grease
  3. Clear them!
  4. CPL (Clear Protection Laqure) is the way ahead. Spray them and leave to dry for 30 mins.

    Bull in a can - happy days.
  5. Do it the good old fashioned way.

    That's the only way forward!
  6. Leather lustre them, ace stuff, just make sure you remove ALL the old polish from boots/shoes first (use fine wire wool) then paint them in LEATHER LUSTRE, bung em in a slightly warm oven, its the only dust free zone in a house, let em dry and off you pop. Did my barrack shoes in em in 1990 and they lasted over 5 years, ace stuff. :)
  7. Fcuk me yam, how time must fly round your gaff!
  8. Go to BandQ

    Buy Plastikote spray paint.

    Bobs your uncle.
  9. Fookin hell mate it was Tidders in the early 90's, right sh1t hole, besides it was kinda nice watching the shoes drying in the oven!!!!!!!!!!! :p :p
  10. Get the RAF to spray em with nose cone paint. They do have a purpose.

    Smug 8)
  11. Well it was either that or go and get p1ssed down The Ram!!!!!!
  12. The Ram now has more surveillance cameras outside than any base in NI - it looks like some sort of starwars set....
  13. What about morello? Anyone got anything good to say about it?
  14. Get the RAF to shine yer clogs full stop. Then again, they'll probably be utterly, utterly useless at that as well!
  15. Morello, now theres a blast from the past. I'm remember it being the dogs wallopers out in Germany late 80's, apart from on really hot summers days when it turned into to a substance not to disimiliar to road tar.