Spit or Swallow?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by no1cares, Apr 29, 2007.

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  1. Spit?

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  2. Swallow?

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  1. Does your missus spit or swallow?
  2. not many swallowing around then!!

    its the greatest show of love girls`so stop retching and show some spine

    and theres nowt wrong with the lumps in it!!
  3. yours swallows
  4. You missed out Gargle!!!

    Bl00dy amateurs!!

    My Girl is classy!!!!
  5. I swallow!!! It's rude not too!! and I'm assured by the OH that it's full of goodness ;)
  7. Mine did once , She said it was ok , She has also never done it since . Beitch..
  8. I put gargle and yak? in the poll.

    Oh well.
  9. Really surprised at the poll! I thought it was a given these days that chicks swallow. Or is all that porn I watch when he's away just warped my view on reality?
  10. Definetly warped your view mate , I tried to get mine to keep her stilletos on once but she would not have it and put her BIG pants on instead .. Still she once experimented with a ice cube which was nice ...
  11. well judging by these threads I am MEGA MISSUS!!! haha
  12. Wish mine was !!
  13. edited for saying something stupid
  14. What difference does it make to a man at the point anyway?

    Question I have always wanted to ask.
  15. Depends on the occasion :twisted: