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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, May 16, 2006.

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  1. Just wonder if there is opportunity for small social experiment. The mention of RMP or SIB here seems to spark off discussion that very soon falls way below the average standards for this forum. Some Posters fall back into insults unrelated to the topic matter or make wild and unsubstantiated allegations.
    All corps, regiments, services, what have you, have their share of dimmies and maybe even mongs. I know these exist in both Provost and SIB. Why is it that everyone in my Corps seems to be regarded as deficient, crooked or as a total waste of space? Most contacts between us and the greater body of the Army come about under confrontational conditions but I know of many instances where my guys have actually been a help and assistance.
    I appreciate it is human nature for troops to take the piss but why is it so extreme in the case of military police? Is it because it gives the opportunity to sound off without prospect of any follow up? Have we any budding Freuds out that who can contribute?
    If anyone has any real evidence that a soldier was fitted-up, let’s hear it. In the old days prior to PACE, verbals were allegedly prolific. Note allegedly. In some 22 years between 52 and 74 I inly knew of one guy who was drummed out for inventing stuff. There is no regular rubber heels squad such as civpol internal affairs.
    This may be the opportunity to have a good old group wank and get this off our chests. That might then lead to more interesting threads where mindless insult does not spoil a topic.
    Oh – if you are shy, PM me. I promise I’ll get back to you.
  3. I would have thought that spitting it out, group wanking and getting it off your chest would be a physical impossibility.

    Never heard of anybody being stitched up and I was suitably done up like a kipper at local level.

    Was interviewed by the SIB but fortunately my wife had cancer so they played good cop, very nice, polite and understanding cop.

    They felt sorry for me, I don't know why, I divorced her.
  4. My only encounter with the SIB was because a friends wife was molested outside the barrack block returning from delivering a parcel to me.

    It was a very, very uncomfortable experience, primarily because of the female officer sat just behind my peripheral vision, not saying a word but staring intently each time I turned slightly to see if she was still there.

    Hobart barracks, Detmold had a large contingent of RMP including SIB and seemed to fit in well with the camps organisation. The only incident that caused problems was at one of their own parties when an invited LCpl was called a "Black B*stard" out load by an NCO who in return was punched without hesitation. The LCpl was busted and the Cpl was posted with little career possibilities. A lot of people were angry that the LCpl was busted as it was seen as a viable response to an insult.

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  5. Big fan of the Feds. Unfortunately they are an organisation whose corporate image suffers very badly due to a (very) few bad apples.

    And they aren't alone in that regard, are they?
  6. I wouldn't know what you mean.

    'Redcap' didn't help either with Tamazepan Uttershiteouthswaite.

    That killed both the corporate and the image.

    Fcuking funny though.
  7. I thought it was a total waste. Pushed my complaint about it through the Corps journal. Got stiff note that The Bosses thought she was doing a wonderful job. Just shows how perceptions differ.
  8. See - this is an example of the shyt that fills people's heads. WTF does YAK YAK YAK mean in this context? What does it add? How can anyone feel they have improved the world by adding it?
    Oh - and - how can anyone who worries - presumably - about yakking have a link to the site that it does?
  9. I have experience of both sides. I was, a few years ago, arrested by RMP for possessing a firearm contrary to BFGSOs. That the weapon in question was patently obviously a toy cap gun (acquired for a Mess fancy dress party), and thus didn't meet the definition of a weapon according to said orders didn't occur to the clowns involved. My lawyer (awfully nice RAF chap) pointed out the many and various procedural errors they'd made, murmured the words 'wrongful arrest', 'unlawful detention' and 'complaint to Provost Marshal' a few times, and they dropped it, admitting somewhat sheepishly that it was all a crock of sh!te.

    On the other hand I spent a lot of time working with SIB (both RAF and RMP) in circumstances of sudden deaths, child protection and serious crimes such as rape. They were exceptionally committed and professional and I have nothing but admiration for them.

    I suspect that whilst SIB are more experienced and mature, and generally deal with 'real' issues, the monkeys are largely under-employed as far as proper police work goes, and often make as much as they can of the smallest incident. I offer as evidence the recent parking ding my car acquired, and the number of phone calls from a very junior RMP L/Cpl, who is treating it as if it were the Great Train Robbery.
  10. I remember those wonderful gents from the SIB doing the "Drug Bust" At North Howard St Mill, Hoofing 4 blokes out of bed After Nights at Springfield road, Then Marching in with "Sniffer dog". I suppose they were doing there jobs. Likewise a young RMP quizzing me over a spoon, brew spoon that hasn't been cleaned in donkeys years. Inspector morse code suspected it of been connected with Drugs. Or the time RMP turned up a whinney hill trg area, with report of vandalism, fires and groups of youths...Erm that would be a home defence ex......Or the time I was interviewed about a case of handbags at 10 paces, With a Sgt brimming with confidence
    "Say the right things son and I'll nail this Fcuker"
    That would be one of my bezzers you’re talking about Sgt plod. They do a job, and sometimes they do it rubbish!
  11. Not in Bukkake :wink:
  12. As a recruiting tool, Redcap wasn't too bad, for recruiting it showed exactly how it might be and as a tool I think the previously mentioned female was excellent.

    It does boil down to perception and living their secret lives enclosed in their own seperate worlds, the mystery and associated rubbish comes out by the lorry load and I was as guilty as the rest in casting aspersions on anybody who wore a red hat. I did have dealings with the head (ish) honcho at Detmold as I was on strike outside the gate and obviously just a damn civvy. Strangely the Major (?) didn't speak German but he did manage my Watford accent and I was able to explain that the security of BFG was not being compromised by eighty civilian workers who would much rather be somewhere warmer. We got in the paper, our point was made, no real damage was done and we returned to our places of work and sipped coffee all morning to recover.
  13. I've never been there.

    Let's hope they start enriching uranium as well.
  14. She always did a wonderful job for me :wink: