Spirometry testing at ADSC

I received a copy of a letter which was sent from Glencourse to my ACIO stating that RG8 screening identifies I will need spirometry testing.

The letter states that in order for the ACIO to complete internal and interviewing processes, a date for this testing has not been set.

It goes on, 'When you are content the applicant is ready to attend ADSC please contact...at which point the applicant will be scheduled to attend ADSC'.

My questions, to any Arrser's in the know, what does spirometry testing consist of? Will this test be part of my main selection, or on a seperate occasion? Is this test a pass/fail, and if fail would this mean a deferal (again :( ) or an Unfit for Service :( :( :( ?

I'm guessing the reason for this testing is a history of asthma when I was a kid, i'm wasn't too worried about this being on my RG8 as it was very, very minor and hasn't required medication for nearly ten years.

What I am a bit worried about is the fact I've only just quit smoking, and do get short of breath when I run, not to the point where I can't physically move or anything, but particularly on steep hills I find myself having to stop for a few seconds to catch breath.

Apart from that I'm fine, physically. My 1.5 mile run time is around 10:10 average, press ups and sit ups are no real problem. I'm not Para material yet but I in no way consider myself unfit.

If anyone can answer my questions I'd be very greatful.

I attended ADSC on the 26th, the test is easy.

You have to blow into this tube that's connected to a computer, it measures how hard you blow and for how long; you'll get three attempts.
After that you'll jump onto an exercise bike and pedal for about 15 minutes while breathing cold compressed air from a mask on your face, after the 15 minutes you'll do the 3 breathes tests again and the nurse will measure the difference between the previous attempts you did before the exercise. There has to be less than a 10% difference I think between the first 3 tests you did and the one after exercising.
You'll then sit down and relax for 10 minutes and then do 3 more breath tests (to see if there's a change). End of test.


My results were a bit odd

After i got off the bike i blew into the device and it was a higher reading (better lung function) than when i hadnt done any excercise :S
leguy said:
My results were a bit odd

After i got off the bike i blew into the device and it was a higher reading (better lung function) than when i hadnt done any excercise :S
Cause your lungs opened up.

It's like a peak flow test, and it must be easy mate, trust me, i'm in the same boat cept I must wait :p

Aslong as you can actually exhale you won't fail.. :wink:
I'm in the same boat. I have to admit this is the only thing worrying me.
SAME! I did a 6 mile run the other day, so i'm hoping it's a doddle. I smoked in the past, ;), and never ever had an attack, but they don't give 2 sh!ts.. asthma is asthma. Can it be that hard to blow into a tube? To fail is to say that you must need your inhaler and get out of breath going on a stroll. Relax, boost that endurance and get yourself swimming, or sprinting till you stop (be it dead or not, to increase lung capacity). Good luck. P.S. HALF Sit ups will help to improve your "core"