Spirometer Test (Peak Flow)

Hey guys!

I was wondering if anyone knows what score is the threshold for the spirometer test.

I was diagnosed with asthma as a kid despite having never had an asthma attack and I have an old peak flow meter. I have a pretty good score and I am looking at applying soon, so I was wondering what the threshold for the score is just so I have peace of mind for it, or whether I should train more.

I am over 4 years clear of asthma so its nothing to worry about. I just want to know the threshold score for the peak flow meter test so I stop worrying about it.
If you have on two or more occasions visited the Doctor for wheezing since the age of 3 you will have to go for a 'lung function test'. This is apparently similar to the spirometer test but is attached to a computer which monitors your lung functionality before, during and after a 10 minute run on a running machine; sounds fun.

However you will have to go on the selection weekend and then be referred to this by the Doctor on camp. Massive pain in the arse and waste of time and money in my humble opinion but this is how it has to be.

I went on my selection weekend in late November and was subsequently referred to have the test and am still awaiting a date. With the current financial situation it is unlikely this will be a priority and therefore patience will be required.

If and when you pass the test you will then have to do the selection weekend all over again.

This is my understanding of things so please do check with a recruitment officer first.

Good luck if you decide to go for it.
It looks like it is quite a specific question to be honest, so from your own experience it looks like I may have to submit a question in writing to get an official answer!

Its a shame you have to repeat the weekend all over again.

Whats stupid is that they prescribed me an inhaler as a precaution, I thought it was a bit silly, but they used to just throw one on my prescription every time I went in for a check up, some hayfever tablets or anything like that. Now when they look at my medical history I bet itll have all these whacky coloured inhalers and stuff throughout my childhood and theyll tick the box "history of asthma" I swear, if a doc ever tries to throw an asthma inhaler at my son/daughter (when I have kids) I am going to give it a good hard think over before I allow them to actually precribe one!

Since I am a biomedical science student, I am going to check with my physiology tutor I am doing my dissertation with and see if I cant get hold of some standard measures which are used for this thing and do the test myself ;) Here is hoping my readings come out good. I'm in good shape, plenty of muscle, but I have let myself slip over the past few months. I am applying in a couple of years, so im getting to work on my fitness now rather than later.

Thanks for the info and the best of luck with your application, I really hope you will have this test nailed, as I know how it feels being told my asthma means I am not eligible when a couple of the people I know in the armed forces have a BMI similar to that of Johnny Vegas!
So was it just based on the form your doctor returned to them about your medical history?

Or were you referred to the test because of an insufficient score in your medical test as well as your medical history?

If you dont mind me asking, when was your last recorded asthma attack or prescription? Just so I can compare it to my circumstances. You dont have to answer that if its a problem.
Yes it was based on the form my GP completed which specified more than two occassions of wheezing. Most were when I was a child and were listed as Asthma but then 7 years ago I was prescribed an inhaler due to wheezing with a chest infection.

I haven't had any problems with Asthma since I was 10 years old and the wheezing 7 years ago was a chest infection probably made worse due to smoking at the time, my GP actually wrote that in his notes.

My medical test was fine at the selection weekend and I passed everything; it was all down to the ruling in an Army medical manual which the doctor let me see.

If you have been prescribed inhalers on more than two occassions and it states 'wheezing' then you will probably suffer the same fate as me. So if you can arrange a test before having to waste a weekend then do so.

Good luck.

Good luck in the rest of your career anyway, really glad it didn't hold you back!

I guess I will just have to be prepared like you said, to save myself doing something twice.


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