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Spirometer test... Help!!

Hi, i've just been informed by AFCIO that before i can continue with my application for the regs i have to go down to ADSC and have a spirometer test done, if i pass this then i'll stay at ADSC and continue with selection. From what i know this is to test your lung capacity but i was wondering if anyone could give me some more information about the actual test. As regards my fitness i did both the BPFA and CFT with the TA over the weekend and didnt have any problems and my run time for the 1.5 mile run is now 9:58. i know i'm probably worrying about nothing but any more info would be greatly appreciated!!

Don't know the answer, but you can practice by blowing into a used kitchen roll tube. Taking a deep breath beforehand may help....

Edited to add: "taking a deep breath IN"
I'm not a medic and am only going on my recent personal experience of the army deciding I may have asthma when joining the TA.
The spirometer test I did considered of me blowing into the spirometer which drew a graph of the result and then carrying out exercise
on a treadmill bringing my heartrate up to 200 (according to the medic its a different level for each individual but its generally 220 minus your age)
and holding it there for a couple of minutes. Then I blew into the spirometer at intervals and the results were also recorded on the graph.
This test appears to be described in this link which concerns fire service medical standards.

I don't know if it will be the same process for you but hopefully this might give you an idea. Good luck with the test!

dont panic - its just like a police breathyliser without the light green/amber/red lights.

All you have to do is blow until you are told to stop - blow hard and fast from the start - the important thing is to keep up the 'pressure' of blowing out. even when you think your lungs are empty - keep pushing. if you dont blow hard from the start - or dont keep up the pressure, youre score will be poor

The graph that the machine draws gives a mathematical representation of your lung capacity.

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