spiro testing at ADSC

Hey up

I've got to get a sprio test done at adsc, havent got and never have had asthma, but because i put down i had a inhaler (not a normal type) for a month or two i've got to get a spiro test, oh well , fair deal!

Im not sure what happens

I assume after the interviews, when you got to adsc, you just get tested on the spiro machine, say only an extra 30 mins medical for you?

or do you tested before you go to adsc seperatly for astham and then to adsc for nomal stuff?

somebody with some knowledge please explain :)


yer i already read that my friend, im just not sure of the procedure for people who have to get a spiro test.

1. an extra bit of testing at the adsc medical?

2. seperate spiro testing done before or after and SEPERATE from the ADSC medical?


From reading the other thread it sounds as though it is incorproated into the medical though you may well be referred to a specialist. (Independent from the Army)


I done my spiro test at the ADSC with the nurses after my initial medical with the Doc.

PM me if you want to know anything else regarding it.
I had my selection last week and i had to do one, if youve looked at the link youll know whats involved...Anyway only thing i found difficult was the bike when they put the ressistance up but just stick through it and you never know you result could be better than what you did before the bike! all the best :D
I just can't wait! College is a great way to physically prepare and excel. I can walk all day and not be tired when a mate that plays football for Villa jnrs. gets knackered. It's all about raising boundaries, running against the limits to shock your body. 6 months ish left for me to go ACIO.. Spiro is part of medical. Apparently you go the night before everyone else? Anyway.. don't even think about it.. just keep @ what you can control.

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