Spiritually Unfit Soldiers FORCED to see Chaplains, to get “born again”

Discussion in 'US' started by Canader, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. I always love the Anonymous source C'mon, lets be real. Lets say 10% of every US Bn consists of Athiests, going by this method they would not be deployed unless forced to see chaplains. Thats 75 men/women X the 45(+/-) Bn's deployed and not one person has come forwards, complained to familiy members IG, Press, Congressman, etc. except this one Anonymous trooper who only complained to MRFF. Shouldn't there be at least 100 Soldiers complaining? if not thousands more?

    I was never forced to see any Chaplain in 26 + Years. My Old unit is deploying now and none of the men who are listed as Athiest/No preference have been sent to the chaplains. This is again so much Bullshit from Mickey Weinstein.

  2. No, no, no!

    There must be a conspiracy here somewhere...keep looking...

    Oh wait, US currency is printed with the words "In God we trust" - the US Treasury are trying to brainwash everyone!
  3. More BS.

    People are never ordered to see the chaplain. The closest I have ever heard to this is a couple sailors whose marital/family problems were affecting performance were URGED to see the chaplain to help them straighten out their problems. Not for religious reasons but because chaplains are usually pretty good about helping with this sort of thing.

    Weinstein has a grudge of some sort and is IMHO making this stuff up.
  4. Arrest that man Sergeant.... he is not wearing his crucifix and magic underwear...how can he fight in combat without his pocket bible and rosary beads...?
  5. What's become of JJH lately? Has he been arrested and taken off to Obamaland re-education centre? Is he in his cellar, doing a trial run for Armageddon? Or did all the heathens and homos here make him fear for his spiritual fitness by association?
  6. Still quiet on the jjh front? my sister lives in Wisconsin maybe she could take a trip down and get his dogs barking again.

    Or as you say he could be in a spiritual retreat compliments of the "man" for a spot of re-org of the grey cells into compliancy mode!!
  7. I know that freedom of religion featured heavily in the constitution signed by all those traitors years ago, I didn't realise that freedom from religion wasn't covered by it.
  8. Construction of the Pentagon began on 9/11 1941 with a ground breaking ceremony (you know some posh doris or something with a silver shovel, normally they bugger off when the real work starts).

    On 9/11 2001 EXACTLY 60 years later a cruise missile, er, airliner crashed in to oneside of it... The nickname of 'Ground Zero' to the inside garden is deemed insensitve, and it is only the many tiers of corridors in the buildings construction that prevents the Armed Forces of the United States being led from the 'Pac Man'.

    Coincidence that 9/11 happened on 9/11? Or did a junior staffer on a blatent false flag mission plant a little clue as to the place of origin for the act that would catapult the worlds last remaining superpower (no, not China) in to the war against the axis of terror?

    I think we all know the answer to that...
  9. Well, I used to love the British Army's 'Spiritual Fitness' programme in the 1960's. I was, along with all my comrades in Basic Taining at Catterick Garrison, were marched in best No 2's on one Sunday morning each month to the Garrison C of E Church for 'Spiritual Refreshments. No excuses, unless your were an RC, Methodist or of the Jewish Faith. Oh Happy days..... No Atheists, Pagans, Hippies or Earth Mother Worshippers were allowed in those days...
  10. I was every weekend for a year - albeit in the British Army, not the US one. When I went to RMAS going to church was obligatory for all the 'swimmers'. Even though my documents already identified me as a non christian I was ordered every Sunday to listen to some nut job telling me I was a miserable sinner*.

    *Which I was, and still am, and am proud of it.
  11. I used to be an atheist, and a miserable sinner at that, but it's OK now 'cos God has spoken to me personally and told me that I am Chosen. Those who wish to join the ranks of the saved, be excused church parade or granted absolution for their sins should send me $20 or £10 each month. Used notes only please. PM me for details of where to send the money.

    (Refund policy: all payments will be returned to any customer providing evidence that they did not reach heaven after death. )
  12. Name one US Soldier who was forced to see a US Chaplain on orders. Should be rather simple since Mickey Weinstein should have about ten thousand of them complaining to him if this was true.
    Frankly any commander ordering a soldier to see the chaplain has given an Illegal Order the soldier doesnt have to obey.
  13. As well as establishing freedom of religion, the first ammendment also ensures that the US Government cannot give preference to one religion over another, or religion over non-religion. This has been enforced by the Supreme Court several times, both at Federal and State level...