Spiral - The Butcher of La Villete

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Alec_Lomas, Apr 4, 2011.

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  1. My apologies if this series has appeared in another thread. The first two episodes were aired on BBC4 on Saturday evening. To my surprise ( well not really as I'm not a great tv watcher) it's Series 3. The history of the previous two come through in the storyline which features a dectective unit in La Belle France.

    It has a 'gutsy' 'punchy' storeyline and I mean that both in the literal and metaphorical descriptions. A good collection of characters - Capt. Laure Berthand ( Caroline Proust... hmmmmmm )
    Lt. Gilou Escoffier who'd make the character of DCI Gene Hunt look like an extra in 'The Thin Blue Line' Yup, this character gets to punch black guys in the cells in order to sober them up enough to make a statement as well as taping a handwritten sign to a photographer's shop window telling the public that said photographer is a Paedeo!
    Judge Francois Roban gets my vote however. Only if he were real, I wish..................

    Worth a squint, if only for the complete lack of PC on display. How very refreshing.
  2. Thanks, downloading 1 and 2 right now
  3. dunno if anyone watched the previous "foreign made" drama series on BBC4 "The Killing" if not you missed out it was terrific
  4. Stunning, absolutely stunning, even in Danish. It was that which led me inadvertantly to 'notice' The Spiral.
  5. The second series is very good too. The plot is revolving around drugs. The actor who plays the algerian-origin drug dealer is outstanding and I wanted to punch my TV set from the moment he appeared...

    If you have not seen it yet try to also get your hands on "Braquo" a TV series by the director of "36 Quai des Orfevres".
  6. I was about to say I wonder what Fantassin thinks?

    I saw the first 2 series. I particularly remember a large group of armed French police decide to go to a beach in Spain - where drugs were entering Europe from North Africa - without bothering to get any permission at all.

    The 3rd series also looks good.
  7. Spiral, what an outstanding series; I did not know there were other series of it, i shall have to find.
  8. This very excellent series (No4) has returned to BBC4 on Saturday late pm. The Beeb is showing 2 x episodes together. I was hoping that they would be repeated mid-week which happened in the last series shown in UK, however it appears not to be so.

    The series commenced last Saturday.
  9. Caught Season 3 when it was on BBC4 the first time so went and rented Seasons 1 and 2 from Lovefilm,just getting through 1st season.Not as "polished" as the 3rd season but very good and obviously introduces the characters and back stories.
  10. For you Spiral fans, the fourth season will be aired in France on Canal + between Sept and Oct 12. This time, the plot seems to be revolving around an ultra-Left terrorist group with lovely red haired Joséphine getting in trouble with the DCRI.....
  11. Fifth season is being aired on Canal + now....in France, the DVDs will be released on 18 DEC.

    A double murder involving a child....the suburbs of the North of Paris....an all girl gang.....

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  12. Mmmmm. That news reader is a tasty bit of fluff.

    I still haven't watched any of the previous series yet although I have them all recorded.
  13. Spiral is excellent but Braquo is a different animal, Ive just watched the third series and although its fun its more turn your brain off and enjoy the mayhem type of thing like The Shield.
  14. Season 1 of Braquo was pretty good; after it turned into a sort of filmed comic book....not convincing at all...