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Was at the gym tonight, and a spinning class was held (I didn't participate, but used some machines around the exercise bikes).

I noticed one woman turned up with a bicycle helmet, which seemed a bit much for an exercise bike. (I later concluded she'd probably cycled to the sports centre, which lead me to wonder why she didn't just cycle a real bike outdoors.)

Anyhow, my attention having been sized, I noticed that the vast majority of participants in the spinning class were women, and most were rather attractive. This was good, as it encouraged me to bash out a few extra reps when using the machines around the spinning class. (Perhaps 'bash out' is an unfortunate turn of phrase, given the context.)

However, not having paid much attention the spinning classes before, I was wondering whether other ARRSE members had also noticed that 'spinners' are easy on the eye, or whether the class I'd seen was not typical. Any views?
Oh yes it is an absolute fest for Totty and if you can get there duriing the daytime a massive fest of MILF

Plus it is a cracking CV workout had many a top session spinning
haha yeah spinnning classes are what we call 'eye vitamins', went once a long time ago because some amazingly hot girl I met at colege was going and so went along for the 'ride' but did seem a little pointless, the girls at the one by my gym remind me of Paris Hilton, they look like they just drove the 20meters to the gym and have all the athletic gear, keep looknig round for some of those little bastard dogs....


Good value cardio session, and very easy on the eye.

Mind you sweating like the obvious, leaving you surrounded by a small lake of sweat does little for your chances!

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