Spinning programmes

Can anyone out there provide any spin programmes? Instructor has been deployed last minute so we need to take matters into our own hands!

Thanks in advance
Make sure you set the correct wash temperature before going on to the spin programmme.
Spinning is comparable to what members of the AGC (SPS) get up to on Remedial PT. Look for them in the gym they're the clinically obese ones, with the bikes set to 1, smashing out 13 RPM whilst watching the telly.
Sensible answer

The Spinervals series with "Coach Troy" You will find him on you tube or Spinervals.com

Some of his Spinning programs are available through alternate means.
Recommend a heart rate monitor with a cadence meter for your bike. For cardio work, the Aero Base builder series is reasonably OK for beginner to intermediate levels.

Here you go.

My SIL is into this stuff.I'll get her to video one of the other girls at the gym,sorry "fitness centre" whilst spinning.
I shall of course not be sharing it.
...and don't forget your pink leotard and leg warmers.
I got told off on Biff PT for taking my book (PUTB) with me. I told the blerk that it was better than looking at fat blokes' arrses or Jeremy Kyle.

I also then proceeded to tell him that "This is shit, I am losing more calories and weight than I am putting on, so you can **** right off, I'm not doing this again".

Fatbadge can confirm.

I then walked in a northerly direction towards some Maltesers.
I was taking a PT parade for early morning phys in Cyprus a few years ago. The unit was tri-service so had its fair share of morbidly obese sailors and airmen with a large smattering of heterosexual, wide shouldered, slim waisted Army heroes.

I was explaining to the gathered crowd of leg warmer wearing cnuts what was going to happen in the PT session and for all "sickies" to have their biff chits handy for inspection. One of the RAF benders in the back rank appeared to be in a world of his own, his head was twitching away and he was silently mouthing words.

On closer inspection I realised the twat was listening to an I Pod, so it was pointed out to him that he was a ****, he was immediately to stop being a **** and trying to imitate Louis Walsh was not a very good idea.

He put in a complaint about me making homosexual comments regarding him being compared to aforementiond gay Irishman.

RAF ****.

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