Spinnaker Tower

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Oct 18, 2005.

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  1. Yet another scandalous abuse of public money - for which no one will be held responsible. Again. Perhaps Mr Greenhouse is on the receiving end of karma. If he is in any way accountable then he should be stuck in the lift for as long as it takes for him to lose continence.....

    A man is trapped in the lift at Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower - on the day it finally opened to the public.
    The external glass lift jammed about 100ft (30.5m) from the ground trapping the city council's project manager, David Greenhouse.

    Abseiling engineers are working to fix the lift and to release Mr Greenhouse, who has been trapped for an hour.

    Problems with the external lift had earlier delayed the opening of the tower - which is five years late.

    The tower is massively over budget at a cost of £35.6m, with taxpayers to foot an overspend of at least £11.1m.

    On Sunday, a service was held to bless the tower, just days after its operators announced it was to open.

    Overlooking Gunwharf Quays, the tower was not intended to cost local council taxpayers anything but costs spiralled.
  2. a cost of £120 per household in portsmouth is being added to council tax bills for next year to meet the costs!!! disgracefull, getting whacked £120 each for something that they probably didnt want in the first place. will each household get the cash back once this 'boost in tourism' that its supposed to attract starts to happen?
  3. Its very nice . One of the problems is councillers were told their in house lawyers could do the contract instead of specialist
    lawyers result disaster .
  4. Am I the only one to see the irony of man named Greenhouse being trapped in a glass box.......?
  5. As the webmaster of www.thespinnakertower.com and as a pompey resident, I can only thank the council for cocking it up for years and the 8000 hits I have had on MY web site , taking away any hits from the domain bought by a Lib Dem MP serving on the council, and when found out he had it, his reply was, 'Oh I forgot i bought that' I shall give away to the council and the city. Strange that the Spinnaker tower.com is owed by someone private too!

    I will get my money back that I have paid as a tax payer for this tower!!!
    The rumour is that its going to change to the Trafalgar Tower, I do hope so, the council are in for a bloody big shock when they go to buy the domain name..its taken...by me
  6. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    This has been vastly entertaining for a few years now.

    Nick Gurney, who was Chief Executive of Portsmouth City Council (PCC) did the decent thing and resigned, partly due to the fiasco. He accepted that his decision that PCC would manage the project was wrong and fell on his sword. Nick Gurney, who I met on many occasions, always seemed a decent, honest man unlike many of the elected councillors who are generally petty empire builders.

    PCC then decided to restructure the council in "Strategic Directorates" headed by a new Chief Executive, Marion Headicarr (I can't be bothered to check the spelling but it is something like this) During this time the level of staff absenteeism in some departments due to stress has risen, delivery has not improved, and everything is about being "inclusive" and "consultative" and "strategic" whilst the staff suffer reduced morale and removal of decision making authority due to two extra layers of management being introduced.

    The council that the current Chief Executive came from has since reversed all the structural changes that she made.

    The Spinnaker Tower fiasco has amplified since the departure of Nick Gurney and the local newspaper, The News, regularly runs features on how long the Chief Executive will survive whilst printing the most unflattering photos of the woman that they took at the end of a photo session in which she was running up and down the Guildhall steps in a suit.

    The News is running a crusade to remove the Chief Executive and see more heads roll over this shambles but so far to no avail. It seems that in Tony's Britain the guilty do not usually fall on their swords.

    Mind you, the Spinnaker Tower is damned impressive to look at.
  7. No.
  8. RTFQ


    Was down at gun wharf recently. The spinnaker thing is one of those british landmarks that makes us realise how utterly crap Britain is. It just looks entirely mediocre. I'm no builder, but if I was given £36m to build a landmark at the entrance to a harbour I'd do something like this:

  9. That's re-assuring.

    I'm inclined to agree with RTFQ, although for £36m I reckon we could employ teams of Indian dwarf acrobats to create a living, everchanging tower that's a couple of hundred feet high, for at least 20 years (Five years longer than the 'specialist off-white paint' job is supposed to last). There's the added draw of coming to see if any of the little fellas lose their footing and plunge to messy, but crowd pulling, oblivion.
  10. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Frankly we could just invite a couple of dozen residents of Portsea, Somerstown or Fratton down to Gunwharf, fences them in and throw a packet of fags and a case of Tart Diesel in the middle.

    It would make a day at the Hippodrome look like ther Darby & Joan Club.

    The corpses of those that died could be sold for their 9ct Elizabeth Duke At Argos belly button and eyebrow adornments to fund the free admission.
  11. NO ADULT CONTENT!! you should be ashamed of yourself!!
  12. RTFQ


    I'm surprised that The News hasn't taken the opportunity to rid the city of the eyesore by telling the female residents of Paulsgrove that the bloke trapped in the lift is a paediatrician, they'd raze it to the ground in seconds and demand that the coppers inform everyone where the rest of them are.
  13. PMSL at Maninblack
  14. Yes I am ashamed of myself, but thanks for that hit *rubbing hands* :)
  15. As a nurse working at QA hospital in Portsmouth I am often run off my feet especially of late as a cost cutting drive has left us needing to cull a few hundred jobs - a move felt by all departments

    As the shortages of staff are felt on the shop floor, thank God that we can gaze from our hospital windows accross the harbour and see this shining example of prudent spending of the public purse.