Spineless response from my police force

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vampireuk, Oct 4, 2008.

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  1. http://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/mailbag/Showing-his-pic-would-not.4556153.jp#3303595

    But god help you if I catch you driving at 31mph.
  2. Sex offenders, Drug dealers, Junkies and jobless lay about's, the uk will look after them all.
    We are soft and so hung up on Human Rites that we have forgotten that these people deserve nothing but contempt from normal, honest hard working members of the public.
    All these people should be exposed, ostracized and made to pay back their debts to society.
    I am a serving Prison Officer and feel nothing but contempt for the SCUM who are in my care.
    Roll on the day our Governments see sense and expose the people who cause decent, hard working and honest people to hide away in their homes for fear of coming to harm!!!
  3. Funny how they're all at the forefront of a National drive to reduce crime by managing offenders. Is that the new mantra?
  4. Isn't that the role of the Probation Service?
  5. What a load of SH!TE. We should be locking the feckers up. That'll manage their behaviour nicely. Once in the pokey they're not committing any crimes against decent people.

    Typical Senior Management Gobbledygook! It doesn't help that the courts won't put these recividist criminals away for any meaningful length of time.
  6. ......and the media, almost entirely left wing oriented, is bleating about Boris Johnson 'politicising' the police! Johnson did not appoint the worthless poseur Blair but by golly he has as good as sacked him - well done Mayor, well done!

    This is an example of the ludicrous attitude inculcated into the top echelons of the Police SERVICES. 'Services' meaning to serve notice of prosecution on motorists or the elderly who are unlikely to fight back or argue.

    The sooner it is realized that the public have largely lost faith in the nation's police - not the 'bobby on the beat' amybe, but the highly paid superintendents and above and their loony left-winged political masters.

    Put a plastic bottle into the wrong bin and you could end up in prison - rob and rape and you are 'managed'.

    The dreadful government continues to boast about falling crime figures. This boast is empty and is a total lie. I could so manage statistics to prove that my batting is better than Bradman's or Ramprakash's , in precisely the same way the dishonest and disgraced government massage the so-called 'crime figures'.

    PS. I enjoy a good rant, and being an 'Oxygen Thief' I enjoy the privilege of rarely being rebutted.
  7. I dunno. The Chief Supers explanation seems reasonable to me.

    I have no axe to grind. I absolutely loath some of the criminal behavior

    exhibited in this day and age. If I had my way, I would build a huge

    meat grinder such as my butcher has, only on an enormous scale, and

    chuck some of the feckers into it while they are still breathing.

    However, the liberals are not going to let me do that, and there are a

    huge number of them.

    We have to do something. Our prisons are full, as are yours. We can

    shove 'em in but, ultimately they have to be released. Read your news

    paper, they immediately re-offend.

    If we can't kill them, and we can't lock them up forever, what's to be


    The Chief Super has come up with a plan. What's yours? Apart from

    slagging him off and whingeing about your driving tickets.
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  8. From the Police Press release "For those who don't or won't change their ways, then the police take the lead, closely and intrusively monitoring and managing their movements and behaviour"
    This sounds like a sort of beasting for civvies? Anyone living in the area who can comment? We know that beasting can work wonders in a closely-disciplined force - how about civvies? If what the Calderdale cops are doing works, then it should be taught at Hendon as a nation-wide policy. I'd support it but I imagine it is labour intensive so the tree-huggers would defeat it that way.
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Last weekend,a 'joyrider' wrecked the 6ft wooden & concrete post fence of one of my neighbours (we live at the bottom of a cul-de-sac) & the PSNI did'nt even come out until the next day YET my neighbour opposite my apt got into an argument with the neighbourhood 'nosy git & all-round know-it-all & busy body' the friday before.The PSNI sent two officers on foot after the busy body made a complaint within 10 min!
  10. Boris didn't sack or 'near as sack' him. The Mayor of London doesn't have the authority to do so. Only the Home Secretary has the power to sack the highest ranking police officer in the land.

    As for the prosecution of motorists and the elderly, well if motorists and the elderly didn't commit crime, they wouldn't be prosecuted. In fact I wish I was a copper so that I could prosecute elderly motorists like the obnoxious old c*nt who tail ended me last week on a dual carriageway and insisted that it was my fault as I had refused to let him out of the inside lane. The fact that I wasn't legally obliged to and that it was he who hit me up the arrse appeared to have escaped him. He looked old enough to have been at Dunkirk as well.

    Elderly motorists....long may the long arm of the law harrass them into an early grave. It saves us on pensions, welfare, free this, that and the next thing and saves the lives of younger people going about their daily business
  11. Do you ever feel as if you are p1ssing into a hurricane?
  12. They can't be locked up for ever. Eventually they're released, at which point they are most probably going to re-offend.

    What's with the outrage bus as far as this scheme is concerned? A word in the shell-like immediately prior to release: 'Right sonny here's the deal. Your picture doesn't go in the papers. Instead you're on an ASBO and you play ball. One step out of line and you're straight back. Understood?'

    It's got to be better than the current cycle of offend - custody - re-offend - custody - re-offend etc etc. Bearing in mind that the offend bit is actually going to be multiple offences.
  13. I am not always in favour of the americans,however they do have, in some areas,this three strike rule.

    Would this be useful to our cause of giving the scum what they deserve,while also having been seen to give them a chance,or even two?

    Now i have pulled the pin and thrown the grenade, i am going to duck back down again.
  14. Yep, it even feels like it's splashing me back in the face. :x

    I know that they can't be locked up for ever but whilst they're in, they're not making peoples lives a misery and if the jails were uncomfortable enough to deter them maybe they wouldn't want to go back.

    The "monitoring" of these individuals by the police and probabtion service is a joke and does nothing to deter them from commiting more crime no matter what ACPO, the Home Office, and probabtion service tries to tell you.

  15. Then Seagull, what do you suggest? I would happily kill the *****,

    but we can't. So what is your solution?