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Discussion in 'Officers' started by error_unknown, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. Beat him at his own game - you go to the CO and tell him you can't get an ounce of sense from the limp-wristed knob and want some decisions. Show him up at the next Mess meeting - about as close to democracy as one gets in the army. Ask him in open forum a few awkward but tactfull questions, and let him hang himself! Prime a few stooges to help and join in the fun.

    You could always show a bit of initiative yourself, and just sodding well get on with it - have a look in the mirror: just how like him are you? Afraid of making decisions....Hello Pot, This is Kettle, over.... One day I'll tell you a tale of a bumptious young Wines member, a lunatic control freak PMC and a coffee machine in Gibraltar!

    As an ex-Adjutant and the longest serving Mess Secretary I ever met, I can tell you that Mess appointments are a good way of studying the officer from a different angle - the CO will probably be well aware that this man couldn't organise a panic on a sinking ship: I imagine he runs his company in the same way, his cards are probably being marked as we speak. Do his fcuking legs! And do all yourselves a favour.
  2. Maybe your CO is the problem and your PMC is scared of him.
  3. Great advice Queensman - publicly embarrass this weak PMC in fron tof CO. I am sure that when you make him look a t wat in front of all the Mess he wil not mind and will definitely not hold a grudge or be out to get you.

    After all, he is probably only a Coy Comd and you as wines member are probably still in the fun stage of your career - great start to build up a reputation as a petulant operator who will publicly show someone up for your own ends......
  4. Shitt! Have we met?
  5. A certain Infantry CO recently discovered that his wine member had bought hundreds of bottles of Casilliero del Diablo (please excuse Spanish) for a bash. On learning that each bottle has a small picture of the devil on it and in accordance with his fervent Catholicism, he made the mess painstakingly remove the pictures. There will be no encouraging Satanism in 1***'s mess!
  6. Oh well, he is on good company. Our illustrious B Liar, worries about what God will think of him.
  7. Or maybe your PMC is a limp wristed pinko, who would run away from his own shadow. The CO does not have supernatural powers, still sits down to nip one out and would cheerfully drink blue nun rather than some dull tasting codswallop at 15 sovs a bottle, it will certainly be lighter on your monthly wines bill :)
  8. flash, why don't you sit down and talk this issue out with your PMC mano a mano, instead of just slagging him off behind his back?

    Just a thought.
  9. Flash ~ Is this really the portal to voice your severe displeasure with the PMC ? I would approach him in a no nonsense way and tell him your going to try something new/different. You have informally discussed it with livers-in and if it all goes pear shaped that you are happy to take the rap. Try standing on your own 2 feet and raise to the challenge. I am constantly challenged and at the same time have no challenge senior folk if I perceive a better/quicker/smarter/cheaper way of doing a tasking. However I sometimes am sidelined but other times I can work the team smarter. Remember it's not a sprint it's a marathon. Just communicate better in the way that you feel he will be most adaptable to change. You have sell the idea to him and get his buy in. Good luck.
  10. What exactly areyour innovations as wines member that the PMC feels it necessary to refer to the CO?

    Are you planning to redevelop a bar as a stand up megapub? Do you seek topless waitresses? Are you seeking to invest in laying down stocks of some young wine for future generations of mess members? Are you seeking to reverse the COs predeliction for drinks served by waiters in the anteroom with a bar only opened for specific functions?

    Or is this over the choice of beer to stock or the wine for the next dinner night?
  11. PS. Flash wines encompasses all bar stock not just bottles of claret hehehee