Spine Race 2018

Tan Hill in just under 30 hours.
He deserves a pint.
Gregory Cowley just arrived at Hardraw so around 6 hours behind Mark
Another Pav comparison from winter 2016:

Pav to Tan Hill in 35hrs 15mins 49secs

Mark ditto in 29hrs 54mins 08 secs

Dry sunshine, 19°c plus extra daylight probably helps but nevertheless....

Greg Crowley finished the 2016 winter Spine in 8th place and took 45hrs 42mins 15secs to get to Tan Hill.

I can't do a comparison for him with his time to Hardraw as the CP was in Hawes in the winter, but he was 24hrs 11mins 28secs to Malham in 2016 compared to 16hrs 27mins 41 secs this time.
Spine Race
Formula 1
Lots of beer =
Great Weekend.
Hopefully my knee will be in better shape for a bit of gentle hill walking next weekend.
Up on Pinnaw beacon today training for the CWT. Didn't realise it was the summer spine race until the back markers came flying past.:) I need to improve watching them fly past. The leader must be gunning it as he was well past Hawes by then.
Whoops 203 has made the usual mistake below Pinnaw. Turned left for Earby instead of going straight on to Thornton in Craven.:(:( Now heading up the road to pick up the PW. Happens all the time that.

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