Spine Race 2018

I think you may need to check that

I thought that both races start at 08:00 on the Saturday - the field of competitors for both races is smaller that the Winter series

I shall find my correct position of back marker / sweeper early on in the race I fear

High on the hill
I could swear that said Sunday for the main race the other day. I'm going to try and get over for the start on Saturday
Is this Spine unsupported too like the winter one?

I've been looking at the forecasts for the week (Alston for example is pretty much unbroken sunshine and 23°c) so I'm expecting water issues to be a significant factor this week - carrying enough, dehydration, even getting a dose of something unpleasant from drinking from streams in the hills.

Alston weather forecast

It's a full moon on Thursday though so that'll make the hills nice and bright overnight.
Agree that that hydration will be a big factor so lots of extra weight to carry. Going through competitors list its nice to see that Andrew Swanson 134 is also back for another go , last man in as I recall on the winter race. Total respect to all competitors.
134 Andrew and 128 Garry are currently the back markers, but they do have two lady bottoms to watch climbing ahead of them as encouragement.

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So off we go again ... tracking dots until the wee hours ... best of luck to all participating ... and my Bold ... when I did the PW at a much more leisurely pace we heard at one stage rumours that we were but a few hours behind two fit Australian ladies doing the PW topless ... we never caught up with them ... but it did put a spring in our step for a while .
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