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Hi guys

I had a C5/6 Anterior cervical decompression fusion surgery in 2014 and was rejected. I have looked in to the standards and have seen a professional spinal specialist who has done a full assesment on me and written and report. I have sent my appeal off. My question is how likely am I to get this upheld if anyone has any experience with this sort of appeal?

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I caveat with: "I may be wrong".

Not really the sort of thing anyone who served would have any experience with to be honest. They select fit specimens for training and service, if you then later have an injury whilst serving that requires surgery which would ordinarily preclude you from service you will still likely be kept on.

Doc's don't like messing with spinal injury post-op by permitting certain activities. It is well known that fusion causes the discs either side of the fusion to become strained and more likely to herniate, or prolapse in due course especially if the individual is very active, ie. soldiering.

I do know a little about spinal ops having had a disc replacement at C5/C6 myself 18 months ago. On top of all the reading I did around the subject I was pretty intensly briefed by 3 specialist surgeons. The only chap I knew who was serving and had an op on his cervical spine due to severe disc damage caused by a helicopter crash was hospitalised for 6 months whilst they fixed him and then discharged from the military.
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