Spinal surgery bar to entry?


Coccyx fractures are not part of the load bearing spinal column so if pain free for that amount of time I would let you in but you may get an initial rejection and need to appeal.

Good luck
As I may be involved in any appeal it would not be smart to get into too much specific discussion here, however the only circumstances when an applicant might be considered fit is if they have had very limited surgery -ideally single level- and maintained high function. It is not just a question of whether you can physically run and carry the weight etc but what the long term effect of service life will be on the rest of your back. Fusion increases movement at the adjacent segments in the spine creating more stress there and making further problems more likely. As with all these cases it really comes down to specifics of the case and the physical examination / state of the rest of the spine.

Sorry I cannot be more directly helpful but you need to apply and if necessary appeal with as much detail and evidence as you can provide
Hi there Doc,
I sustained a T6 compression fracture. It did not require fusion or surgery, instead it healed naturally. It has not affected my range of motion and does not cause any pain. I have specialist evidence to suggest it will not cause me issues in later life or during Potential service. I run ultramarathons and do triathlons. Is there any chance I could have my appeal overturned?

Many thanks


Unfortunately you are in a "rules is rules" situation. Any vertebral or spinal fracture (excluding transverse process fractures) is specifically rated as P8 or unfit military service as per JSP950. It does not matter how far you can run or how much kit you can carry, the army's decision is that it is a condition which is not suited to service.
I am afraid that your evidence will not change the fact that you have had an injury which is deemed to be P8 and an appeal is very unlikely to succeed.
I am sorry but I think you need to choose another career

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