Spinal surgery bar to entry?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by hungryhippo, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Hi
    I am looking at applying to become an officer. However, on the army website spinal surgery particularly fusion is flagged as a bar to entry. Having had this done as a result of a fall three years ago I'm wondering if someone with more experience or who is involved in the recruitment process to tell me whether this is an automatic no, or is it assessed on a case by case basis?

    If it's important, I cracked my L4 and L6 and pretty badly broke my L5 vertebrae, and had the L6(?) and L5 fused.

    Thanks for any help.
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  2. from JSP 346
    "In all cases, the first principles in determining whether a recruit with a
    musculoskeletal condition is fit for military service comprise the following
    aspects that can generally be determined by an appropriately trained medical
    officer following the functional assessment examination procedure:
    a. Asymptomatic.
    b. No deformity that interferes with function or use of “off the shelf”
    military equipment, i.e. any residual deformity should not prevent the
    use of clothing (especially gloves and boots).
    c. A full range of movement.
    d. Satisfactory functional assessment.
    e. Inquiry about physical activity comparable with military service
    (see also Leaflet 1, paragraph 3.1.3.) This is especially important in
    the assessment of recovery from previous injury or surgery but should
    not be construed as a pre-selection physical fitness requirement."

    and later it states
    "3.12.30. Spinal fracture. Candidates with any history of spinal fracture
    (including wedge fractures of the vertebral body) should be graded P8."


    "3.12.31. Previous Spinal surgery. Candidates with a history of any spinal
    surgery should be graded P8. However, candidates who have had a singlelevel
    discectomy (e.g. for sequestered disc) may be acceptable following
    specialist referral providing the candidate is more than 2 years postoperation,
    and is asymptomatic when undertaking activity for a minimum of 3
    months comparable with military service."

    P8 = not suitable for any form of military service
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  3. Hello,

    Would just like some opinions... I have read different things in different places and I'm not entirely sure what to believe.
    In November 2013 I had a double microdiscectomy. My two bottom discs were shaved back as they were pressing on my nerves. In may I will be able to go back to my normal training and get back into shape. My consultant who carried out my operation said after my recovery period I can go back to doing whatever I like and I wont be restricted in any way.

    Am I bar to entry? Or do I still have a chance?

    Thanks for any light on the situation!
  4. Hello Maddie, this is Old Rat

    There are no guarantees in this business. However, if you've a Consultant surgeon's written opinion in support of your application, this may possibly do the business for you. You should ensure that your consultant is fully aware of the weights that you'll be required to carry and the related distances before he hazards his reputation. Feel free to pm me for further details.

    Old Rat
  5. Hello Old Rat,
    Many thanks for the advice I will try that and get in contact with him straight away!
    Thankyou again!
  6. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Ratty22, thank you for your input.
  7. Don’t tell anyone and if they find out later say sorry I must have been suffering from amnesia. Seems to work for Politicians and News Editors
  8. To both those posting with details of their surgery, Maddie and HungryHippo, I am afraid you would not pass the selection process medically as multiple level spinal injury or surgery is an absolute bar to entry. You will have to have a medical exam from a military surgeon who can assess you properly but speaking as one who does these assessments it is very unlikely you would be declared fit and I would probably reject both applicants based on the information posted here without calling them up for a medical unless the medical records / supporting info demonstrated levels of fitness and achievement of professional sportsmen.