Discussion in 'Cookery' started by 29072010, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. Im really into spinach at the moment, started eating it after my iron levels were a bit low.

    I thought i would share some recipes. All though you will have to excuse the lack of measurements, I tend to just cook by taste and texture.

    Spinach and feta pie:

    Baking tine, roll of filo pastry, line tin with pastry. chuck a load of spinache in a bowl along with a pack of unrinsed (saves adding salt) cubed feta cheese (decent feta is best), one big chopped onion, couple of chopped garlic cloves, lotsa black pepper, 2 table spoon creme fraiche, slosh of olive oil. Mix it all up chuck it in the pastry lined tin, put a pastry lid on it, brush lid with a bit of milk, put it in the oven on about 5 golden brown.

    you can also chuck in some cooked chicken,bacon,lamb, or cooked cauliflower,brocolli or whatever you fancy really.
  2. Come on Dolly- no one really eats spinach, it was just a lie made up to sell Popeye cartoons.
  3. Spinach crumble.

    Make a savoury crumble and grate some parmesan into it also add some italian herbs and salt and black pepper.

    chuck some wilted spinach into a pan with onions, garlic, lotsa chopped tomato, basil and any other italian herbs that take your fancy, add some passata, season sometimes a little bit of chilli is nice as is some blobs of recotta. put it in a baking dish and put the crumble on top, cook at about 5 til golden brown.

    Again add some cooked meat if you want to.
  4. Saag Paneer.

    Lots of variations on this one.

    get a deep frying pan, add olive oil, ghee or which ever fat you want to cook with, put you favourite Indian spice into the hot oil along with onion garlic and whichever meat you fancy, once its cooked chuck in wilted spinach, now you can either add a bit of stock, or a tin of chopped tomatoes, or some natural yoghurt or if you wanna be a bit fat you could chuck in some cream. To make it a paneer you add some cubes of cheese, otherwise its just a saag bhajee and if you chuck in potatoes its saag aloo etc.
  5. Yeah thats basically what I did, the OH wanted to purchase it with the indian take away "fook that" thought I, "I can make it myself" I too had some briquettes in the freezer that got nuked before it all got wacked in the wok, it was done by the time the takeaway came.
  6. Spinach is a great substitute for lettuce in the winter season especially when there is hardly any choice of the other. Good source of iron intake if eaten regularly. Also very good in stir-fries...just show it the wok and serve.

    Although if iron levels are low and you are a meat eater Dolly, liver is by far the best thing to eat.

  7. I know but Mr Dolly won't touch the stuff and I'm not gonna faff about making two lots of dinner, but whens he isn't here it will be guinness and black with liver,bacon and onions! Christ best have a side dish of sennacot with that!!