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Everytime I log into my bank account to check something there is always a block lower down saying something like...
Based on your credit history you are likely to be accepted for a loan of... more than I can afford to pay back.
I'm old enough to remember hand relief on mortgage payments.
Worked out that every pound you paid in mortgage got you some back as hand relief.
Can't remember the exact figures but you spent, for example, 95p for every pound you paid off your mortgage.
Sorry but its in the NAAFI
Yeah, but your house only cost £9/3/6 in those days - £150K now! ;)
£9. £ shillings and 6 pence!!
Luxury, way beyond our means.
(Late 60s we considered buying a house in E17. Circa 6 thousand. Couldn't even begin to hope.)


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An interesting £ saving tip via my Old Man who was shamelessly "close to a pound". When purchasing a car from a dealer use the fact that you are going to sign up to their credit/HP package to wring every last drop of discount/upgrade out of them, sign up, take the car. All credit agreements have a cancellation period in them by law, the next day my Dad would phone up the finance company, cancel the credit agreement & clear the (max discounted) balance by bank transfer!

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My Nephew found a cheeky way to save Dosh on his motorbike insurance, he put me down as a named driver, just in case I ever need to ride it, knocked a few quid off
then chatting to an old mate, he does the same, with me as a named driver !!!!

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