Spilling The Beans on Blair

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Markintime, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. The noted barrister and, to date, youngest woman ever called to the Bar, Clarissa Dixon Wright had this to say about some NL notables in her book Spilling The Beans ISBN 978 0 340 93389 3

    "There were a number of the present Cabinet around, Tony Blair for one, although we called him Miranda in those days, and nobody ever thought how powerful he would become. He was regarded as a poor sad thing with his guitar and his rather girlish looks, and was also considered something of a fantasist; his story about attempting to stow away on a plane to the Caribbean from Edinburgh was a source of great amusement as there were no transatlantic flights from Scotland back then. The boys I knew who had been at Fettes with him didn't have many good words to say about him. Much more impressive was Jack Straw, who we would have picked as a man destined for the top. I always rather liked him; despite his inflamed oratory and his passionate communism there was something rather honest and even kind about him, although with hindsight perhaps he wasn't ruthless or dishonest enough for the top. Peter Hain, even before he dug up the wicket at the Oval, was much disliked. He smelled of naked ambition without, as far as we could see, the talent to match and with an enormously high opinion of himself. Then of course there was Cherie, clever, hungry for success, for love, desperately needy, the product of another dysfunctional home. In those days she was very close friends with her head of chambers, Derry Irvine."

    Not just one of the Two Fat Ladies then! :D
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    blah blah scum blah blah wasters blah blah pathetic blah blah sorry cases blah blah should never, ever, EVER been anywhere near the corridoors of power!

    Edited to add: yeah, top lady! :D
  4. Worth reading just for her story, not just the references to said t0ssers.

    Why is she so fat for example? Not food but booze supposedly.

    Used to start the day with half a bottle of vodka to kill the shakes before effortlessly moving onto pints (yes pints) of gin and tonic. Consumed vast amounts of quinine and claims she knackered her adrenal gland in the process.
  5. For a better 'read' on Blair, try "The Ghost" - by Robert Harris. A 'fictionalised' account of the former PM and his dear wife Cherie.
  6. I thought this said, "Spilling your beans on Blair" - I assumed it was some kind of charity thing.