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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bootifull, Jan 20, 2008.

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    I'm sure Spike will be spinning in his grave!

    Shirtlifter playing finest Goon......a sad day. :(
  2. Yep, I cannot believe that Barrymore has been chosen to play Spike. I am truly shocked and angered. I am sure I have seen dramas, where respected artists have been sensitively played by actors, and enjoyed them. I have ALWAYS considered Barrymore a cnut, even when others found him amusing. But for him to portay the great Spike Milligan must be the most horrendous piece of casting ever. And it appears that the writer of the play has good credentials. :roll: My ghast is flabbered. And I'm very upset.
  3. "Puckoon" was a great read and also his book "Hitler my part in his downfall".

    Sad to see Barrymore in that role. I hope there is no after show parties near water or a swimming pool.
  4. 'Caw' said the crow - 'Balls' said Milligan.
  5. The fact is that Spike was a very good soldier, just look behind the humour. Barrymore doesn't compete
  6. My favourite of Spikes books was The Looney. I first read it whilst in school, and then many times since I left. It was the only book I've ever come across that could raise a smile regardless of my mood, regardless of the fact I knew what was coming next. Spike Milligan was an extremely funny gent, so I am baffled and dissapointd as to how one of the least funny people on TV could have gotten this role.
  7. Surely Spike Milligan's family must have objections. 8O My blood is boiling here. :x
  8. Bill Kenwright used to be in Coronation Street.
  9. [​IMG]

    He could do with putting that fag out in the pool.
  10. A number of years ago I was dealing with a road traffic accident in Hadley Wood in North London.
    02.30 in the morning, Spike (who lived round the corner) appears in his dressing gown carrying a tray with a pot of tea and some Mr Kipling cakes.

    30 seconds later, police, paramedic, injured party and driver of 2nd car on the floor laughing as he went into a silly voice routine trying to heal the injured fella.

    Top, top bloke.
  11. Poor casting indeed and cynical too. Milligan brought us Gunner "Plunger" Bailey, IIRC and Barrymore brought us a rather more unpleasant plunge party
  12. Spike told us he was ill but not this sick
  13. Like Bovvy,I have always found Barrimore a total cnut. When he had his own "show" his methods were to get cheap laughs from a bird brained audience by ribbing,piss taking and generally making fools at their efforts.
    This style he thought was funny. What a f***ing total idiot.

    If any ARRSE members liked Burymore,s style, before the fag in the pool incident, I suggest you look inward at your tastes.

    Spike,the god of humour never had to stoop so low. Lets hope his family object to the choice.