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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by The_grand_dad, Mar 3, 2004.

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  1. If a soldiers wakes up after a night out, cant remember how he got back to the block and feels very spaced out. and because of this factor he reports his concerns to his OC that he feels his drink may of been spiked the night before.
    What would happen to this soldier? would he be discharged to taking drugs? :?:
  2. No,

    Having worked on the CDTT, As long as he reports sick 1st thing in the morning he should be ok? He will need to know where he went and roughly what pub/club he thinks it happened in!! as the matter should also be reported to the RMP. The RMP should interview him/her, If however he/she does it as the CDTT turn up on the morning after the alleged spiking it could be construed that they are trying to get away with being a user!!!!!!!!!

    The next thing is that if your drink has been spiked you can usually tell as it will froth up like an alcaseltzer??? in water/PILLS or if weed you will feel as if you are drinking after smeone has put a dog end in your drink.
  3. Not that drinks with dog ends in them are that repulsive after 15 pints.
  4. If his drink has been spiked with Rohypnol or GHB then he won't notice his drink tasting any different (or perhaps slightly salty).

    It's unlikely that he would have any in his system the next day - it's notoriously difficult to find in the body some hours later.

    If he wakes up feeling like that and can't remember anything, it's more likely to be one of the date rape drugs mentioned above, than a Class A drug.
  5. so he should check his arrse first :twisted:
  6. There was a spate of drink getting spiked downtown at my last unit. The usual symptoms were memory loss shortly after drinking the concoction and / or unusual behaviour.

    One of the blokes had no recollection of the evening after 10pm, another walked back to camp (a mere 9 miles!) despite having the money in his wallet to get a taxi.

    Both soldiers reported the incidents, had the incidents logged and no action was taken against them. I am led to believe, however, that an individual reporting this more than twice might not be treated so understandingly!
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    maybe I'm stupid but why would anyone spike a soldiers (male) drink? Or is it female soldiers we're referring to here?
  8. No, a Pal I know who was due to be MDd, reported sick and told the MO of his suspicions about his drink being spiked as he could not remember how he got back to the block the night before.
    48 H later hair and urine samples was taken but no MPs were involved as there was no suspicion of him actively taking drugs and this was confirmed some weeks later in the Toxicology report.
    However a number of weeks later this chap was sent to see the CO,RSM,ADJ, all at the same time, questioned and called a liar by the CO and that he did not believe him and accused of looking like a druggie by the RSM. The young chap was then asked to read and sign a form and to put his comments on this form and sign it.
    This lad was never charged for any offence, 8 months later he is told to hand his kit and ID in and to feck off.
    This young chap had no previous, no reg entries and had only served just under 5 years. and his reports had him as going places until he went deaf in one ear,
    point to note this only happened after this lad was told he was unemployable by the Army and the words Medical Discharge was used.
    Any thoughts on this.
  10. I used to suffer from all of those symtoms afetr 10 pints of Guiness. Drugs had bugger all to do with it. I often found myself wondering how the uneaten kebab got into my pocket.
  11. I'm fed up with chicks spiking my drink with that notorious date-rape drug alcohol.

    My mate Stevie was doing the old sharkwatch thing a few yrs ago at Brecon, while on skillies. He was sober and driving the lads back and forth in his own car. After a wee while (doon toon in Swansea I think) he went a bit doolally and hit the deck foaming at the mouth etc, ending up in hospital. His drink had been spiked and he was a really sensible guy - hardly ever drank at all.

    But sure enough - back at the unit the headsheds pretty much treated him like a liar, though he didn't get charged in the end. If it happened to me and really screwed up the career I would be mega-gutted.
  12. Sounds like some of the Head Sheds are ignorant of what's going on outside their door marked "Commanding Offcier" - mmmmmmmmm, why am I not surprised.

    These "date rape" drugs are very easy to get hold of, not too difficult to produce and are used recreationally by clubbers to relax and by body builders to help them sleep after their work outs.

    Blokes drinks would be spiked for three reasons mainly - one, for a laugh....two, to rob them and three, to rape them.
  13. Here we go. Nowadays, they are supposed to be issued spiking cards so that if they think they have been had off, they can hand them in.

    If they don't - and they do test positive on CDT then that is their own fault. The process in our place is to interview them and tell them, give them the chance to cough, then if they say they haven't done it, get their second sample tested. If that is still positive they have the chance to have their third sample tested at their own expense, or hair tested which they have to pay for as well. If they don't do that, then their discharge is applied for. Depending on what type of drug - for instance if it is Class A they are fuc&ed - and their circumstances, DM(A) may or may not discharge them. It is not up to the CO.

    If the lad is adamant, tell him to get a bank loan.
  14. I had my drinks spiked just before Christmas last year. I just thought I might have had a dodgy kebab, although I was actually throwing up before the kebab. Spent the next twelve hours solid barfing up, was not nice and but good workout for my abs.
    I reported it to the Police Flight (was working on a RAF camp at this point) and went to see the MO. Mo said my drink was possibly spiked but most drugs used for this aim are out of the body within 24 hours, so it is quite hard to test for them.
    However, the fact was, I covered my arse by telling all the relevant personnel in case of CDT.
  15. Please tell me more about these 'spiking cards'. Who is supposed to be issued them?