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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by spike-the-cat, Nov 12, 2009.

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  1. dont worry pal if you ever get in you will be constanly pulled up by some jumped up busy body who knows everything.. the fact of the matter is i dont think anyone knows what is going on as things change on a daily basis. like i said i have been waiting since april and i know of guys back in the unit who applied in june.. i think all 203's are in a tombola if the person who pulls yours out needs a shit your 203 is going down the pan with it after they have wiped their arse on it first.. if you catch them on a good day then you progress... it is just a big waiting game and quite frankly dont matter what quality you are.. :D
  2. Jumped up busy body or some one in the knows and is working in the system?????

    Ill get back to my day job of cleaning toilets and you go back to your little fantasy world and remember why you didnt last the distance last time.
    Maybe lack of
    Respect for others
    Selfless Commitment

    Id take a good look at why your wanting to get back into the Army and your comments above before you proceed with your application.
  3. i think you should get back to your desk and do some proper work instead of putting peoples minds in error as all i have seen is you and your agressive attitude towards people trying to make a career in the army..
    By the way you dont have a clue why i left the first time or what type of soldier i was. as per usual you are are making jumped up comments on a situation you are not having to go through, its people like you who are scaring off people on this site looking for advice or possible comfort of people in the same or similae situation. :evil: ...
  4. I totally agree with you, your knowledge on the subject is far more superior than mine as are your three posts to date. Im sure that you'll be able to pass on loads of useful information you have got from all the experience you have from the Army, Recruiting world and Training establishments and all the current requirements from MCM Div. you had better get an extended INBOX capacity on your IMs as your going to get inundated with advice requests from all your worldly experiences to date.

    Good luck to you
  5. Spike calm your jets, your not helping one bit.
  6. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Got there just before me, man you're on fire today! :wink:
  7. what job role do you do?? AGC, REME???? ohhh WRVS what a full blown bag of wind??? Go and sort your own life out before giving useless advice out to people who need proper advice... i think you need to go and see the padre and get you anger issues sorted out 8)
  8. 6 posts this is easy...... TIT
  9. Spike, with an atitude like that you will go far.
  10. :D