Spike Milligan's War

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by diehard57, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. All 7 paperbacks are being sold by the Book People for £7.99 - a saving of £54.00!

    Adolf Hitler - My part in his downfall
    'Rommel?' 'Gunner Who?'
    Monty - His part in my victory
    Mussolini - His part in my downfall
    Where have all the bullets gone?
    Goodbye Soldier
    Peace Work

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  2. Damn! Need reading material while I'm away, but not sure they'll do free postage there. I shall take the promo code with me anyway, and give it a lash. This little lot would do very nicely - love Milligan! Good spot, mate:thumright:
  3. I've not read his books since I was at school but they did make me laugh. Time I read them again.
  4. My father in law was a gunner in the 8th Army and a pretty straight laced guy. I gave a copy of "Adolf Hitler my part in his downfall." He chuckled his way through it and said Milligan really brought back to him many aspects of the North African and Italian Campaigns that he could not find in other books on the subject.
  5. A cracking read. A very emotive description of PTSD which was a taboo subject until very recently.
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  6. "Keep going Gunner Milligan and we'll get you out on Mental grounds"

    " But Sir, thats how I got in"
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  7. Great childhood books, one of the few that could make me laugh out loud.

  8. Thanks for the tip, just ordered!
  9. For such a humourous and meek individual his palpable hatred of his old OC 'Jumbo' was really out of character. Having spent 3 years in Naples, his description of Vesuvius going up was fascinating.
  10. 'Milligan, how does 'Highland Laddie' go?

    'He goes by bus sir'

    'Ah, Milligan where have you been? you're late! (on arriving for basic training)

    'Sorry, I'll fight nights to make up for it'

    Read 'em countless times and will do again and again
  11. Got the originals somewhere all gone a bit yellow now , will buy the set again -
    my personal favorite is where he is sent to look for the missing (fallen off a cliff ) gun and meets Harry Secombe , also the captions to many of the pics , another fave is when they find the stuka .
    As others mention a window into the world of PTSD , but he wasn't exactly "normal" to start with.
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  12. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I quite enjoyed his "verbal anti-aircraft" curse ("I hope you crash you noisy bastard") which actually worked on one occasion.
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  13. I just got given a Kindle for my birthday. I'm not being too lazy to check, it's just a little late but is this offer available on a Kindle?
  14. If memory serves wasn't that a Blue on Blue incident ? ;-)
  15. diehard57

    Just seen this thread .

    Thanks for that info ... my copies are so old the pages are seperating from the backing spine ... read so many times .

    Set ordered .