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Does anyone know if a comprehensive collection of Spike Milligan's War Diaries was ever produced? My Old Man has a couple of dog-eared first prints, but i would like one volume to sift through, rather than fork out for the seperate books.

I have tried searching t'inter-web, but that has resulted in failure (And the usual smattering of porn).

Any help is greatly appreciated,
You could always get the CD version and listen to the unabridged memoirs. Not the same but, depending on circumstances, it'd do the job.
The first four books were available (in paperback) as a set but the packaging I have has no ISBN, if you want "Where have all the Bullets Gone" and "Goodbye Soldier" as well then I suspect there isn't one.
Not wishing to drag the thread too far off topic: It Ends With Magic (a cross between an autobiography of SM early years and a novel) is a very different kettle of fish but well worth a read if you fancy something gentle, whimsical but still Spike.

Adolf Hitler - My Part in His Downfall.

Rommel ? Gunner Who ?

Monty - His Part In My Victory

Mussolini - His Part In My Downfall

That's it I think matey. All in order of publishing.

The diaries came out as war memoirs in 7 volumes. All were published in hardback by Michael Joseph (although not sure about the last one) and paperback by Penguin. They were:
- Adolf Hitler - My Part in His Downfall
- 'Rommel?' 'Gunner Who?'
- Monty: My Part in His Victory
- Mussolini: My Part in His Downfall
- Where Have All The Bullets Gone?
- Goodbye Soldier
- Peace Work

The first six are about his time serving in the Gunners, including the diagnosis of 'battle fatigue' and the subsequent psychiatric treatment (end of volume 4), and then his time with a military concert party. Last volume is about being demobbed and setting up the Goons.

In case it's any help, ISBN for the Joseph edition of 2nd volume (published 1974) is 0 7181 0733 0 and of the Penguin edition of the 6th volume (published 1987) is 0 14 010338 4.

Not aware of a single volume comprehensive collection, unabridged or otherwise. They are such an outstanding set, though, that would be really appropriate if someone (Pengiun themselves maybe) were to republish to mark the 70th anniversary of the start of World War Two. Wonder if they will? Shall write to ask them.

Try and read Evelyn Waugh's book ' Sword of Honour ' After the initial chapters, it develops into one of the funniest books I've ever read.

It comes as a trilogy, but you can get it in a one-volume book such as mine. Penguin - ISBN 0 - 14 - 018967 - X.

Anyone else looking at this, just read it.


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