Spike Milligan War Memoirs

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Soggyllama, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Just been given a box set of Spike Milligan books that look interesting. The books in there are;

    Adolph Hitler: My part in his downfall
    'Rommel?' 'Gunner Who?'
    Monty: His part in my victory
    Mussolini: His part in my downfall
    Where have all the bullets gone?
    Goodbye Soldier
    Peace Work

    I was just wondering if anyone has read any of these and there thoughts on them please.
  2. Got them and read them all.

    Brilliant man
  3. Read the first two as a teenager, great craic, the humour and sketches still survive the passing of time!
  4. Absolutly brilliant- read them all during telic 1- had me roaring with laughter in my shell scrape.

    But because its Milligan it might'nt be to everyones taste.

    If you like them make sure you get Puckoon- NI politics summed up
  5. So they are recommended by your good selves then? :)
  6. Very highly recommended. Can I suggest that reading on public transport is a bad idea, because laughing manically in public leads to people staring at you...
  7. Spike was as nutty as a fruit cake, a total genius.

    I have read the first 3.....I'm still recovering. Total off the wall humour :lol: You won't regret reading them.

    Have fun :lol:
  8. OK thankyou people. Since I have a lazy day. I'll get started now.

  9. In a word - Brilliant!
  10. OK an hour and half later, I'm nearly half way through 'Adolph Hitler: My part in his downfall' and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Some parts have had me laughing (like when he FINALLY joined up and the Barrack room humour). Though I'd stop for a coffee break.

    Has Mr Milli done any other military based books besides the ones mentioned above? (War memoirs and Pucktoon)
  11. spike was not seen as a writer.. alas after his death i found his books on his children. when they said or did something he wrote about it.. for inst... my little girl was looking at me for hours putting stones into a stream from my garden,, after a time mummy said "what are you doing darling"? she said ,nothing, just looking at daddy makeing the garden smaller..:) his books show another side to him, and it shows him in another light... love him to bits..
  12. Books
    Silly Verse for Kids (1959); the 1968 paperback edition omits one poem and adds some from the next two books
    A Dustbin of Milligan (1961, Dobson Books). Subsequent reprints by Tandem, London, 1965-1975. This book contains a good representation of Milligan's earlier writing style, including poems, cartoons, short stories, letters to Secombe, and his views on some issues.
    Goblins (1978) A collection of poems
    The Little Pot Boiler (1963)
    Puckoon (1963)
    A Book of Bits, or A Bit of a Book (1965)
    A Book of Milliganimals (1968)
    Badjelly the Witch (1973)
    The Goon Show Scripts (1973). London: Sphere. Milligan's selection of scripts.
    More Goon Show Scripts (1974, paperback). London: Sphere. ISBN 0-7221-6077-1. Milligan's selection of scripts. [Original, London, Woburn Press, 1973]
    The Lost Goon Shows (1987). London: Robson. Milligan's selection of scripts.
    The Bedsitting Room. First published in Great Britain by Margaret & Jack Hobbs, 1970. Published by Universal-Tandem, 1972. Tandem, 1973. © 1970 Spike Milligan and John Antrobus.
    The Looney: An Irish Fantasy (1987)
    The Bedside Milligan
    "The War (and Peace) Memoirs"
    The seven memoirs were also recorded as talking books with Spike reciting them in his own inimitable style.
    Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall (1971)
    "Rommel?" "Gunner Who?" (1974)
    Monty: His Part in My Victory (1976)
    This and the previous two books were released and publicised as the first, second and third part respectively of a trilogy.
    Mussolini: His Part in My Downfall (1978)
    This was announced as the fourth part of his "increasingly misnamed" trilogy.
    Where Have All the Bullets Gone? (1985)
    Goodbye Soldier (1986)
    Peace Work (1992)
    Scunthorpe Revisited, added articles and instant relatives. Michael Joseph, London. Published by Penguin. Copyright, Spike Milligan Productions, 1989. ISBN 07181.3356.0
    Small Dreams of a Scorpion (1972)
    Hidden Words: Collected Poems
    Open Heart University
    Startling Verse for All the Family
    Sir Nobonk and the Terrible Dreadful Awful Naughty Nasty Dragon
    A Mad Medley of Milligan
    Transports of Delight (Sidgwick & Jackson 1974)
    More Transports of Delight
    Depression and How to Survive It (with Professor Anthony Clare), medical biography.
    It Ends with Magic
    The Murphy (Virgin, 2001)
    Milligan's Ark
    The Spike Milligan Letters (edited by Norma Farnes)
    More Spike Milligan Letters (edited by Norma Farnes)
    The Unpublished Spike Milligan BOX 18 (edited by Norma Farnes), London, Fourth Estate, 2006. ISBN 978-0-00-721427-3. [posthumous]
    The "According to" Books
    The Bible—the Old Testament According to Spike Milligan (Michael Joseph, October 1993)
    Black Beauty According to Spike Milligan (Michael Joseph, 1996)
    D.H.Lawrence's John Thomas and Lady Jane: According to Spike Milligan—Part II of "Lady Chatterley's Lover" (Michael Joseph, 1995)
    Frankenstein According to Spike Milligan (Virgin, 1997)
    The Hound of the Baskervilles According to Spike Milligan
    Lady Chatterley's Lover According to Spike Milligan (Michael Joseph, April 1994)
    Robin Hood According to Spike Milligan (Virgin, 1998)
    Treasure Island According to Spike Milligan
    Wuthering Heights According to Spike Milligan (Michael Joseph, 1994)
    The Essential Spike Milligan (compiled by Alexander Games, 2002), ISBN 0-00-767358-2
    The Compulsive Spike Milligan (Edited by Norma Farnes, 2004), ISBN 0-00-771702-4
  13. Quotes (paraphrased) from Spike Milligan:

    "When I stand up, I'm six foot, when I sit down, I'm four-foot-six. Why do they chop down 100-foot trees to make me 18 inches shorter?"

    "I looked down the road and perspective made the two sides converge on the horizon. Then I walked to the end of the road and found that it came to a point."

    I've got all of Spike Milligan's books and they're all just as funny the 30th time around as the first. I'd recommend them to anybody.

  14. Quite a collection for someone who wasn't seen as a writer :lol:, Thankyou for that list by the way, may keep an eye out for them when i've finished the 6th book of the memoirs :)
  15. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    What carries the humour is the descriptive writing. There's a point in one of the books where he describes coming home on leave from Italy on a train, at night, and lights outside flashing past like fireflies. And they do; but the eye is diverted by his observations on those in the carriage ('the evil sergeants').

    There're also insights into the serious side of Spike - a man very much given to introspection, bless him.

    There's that old line, 'Comedy = tragedy + timing', and it's nowhere so true as in these books.

    Spike did 'An audience with...' on TV a few years ago. Someone from the audience read out a poem which he (Spike) had written about an officer of his who'd been killed. It's in one of the memoirs. Spike stood there, he was very frail by then, and you could see that even years later it was barely under the surface.

    Bought them, read and re-read them, and then replaced them as the spines gave up and they drifted away to pieces. Lovely books written by a true genius.