Anybody remember where those pictures of the Camel Spiders bites are?

I've been looking but can't find them anywhere!!!!


prs069 ...I found the pics! :D
I think they are Fiddleback bites- a relative of the Camel spider.

Days 3, 4 and 5 respectively above Day 6 below
Day 9
Day 10
Sorry to burst th bubble, these photo's are the handy work of the Brown Recluse Spider!! :? not our ugly bed companion and bootwarmer the camel spider
its only because with that series of photo's, the first one is a photo of the Brown recluse itself. Poor little mite looks so harmless compared to the ugly camelie thing 8O
What happened to the guys thumb in the end....?
quite a bit of muscle wastage i'd presume, but God gave him two thumbs - so hes still got the ability to shove the other up his hoop :oops:


Bedpan - are you sure that is a Brown Recluse? Where is the photo of the little B'stard? I ask as there are some near where I am at the moment ant I want to make sure I kill any I see!
I any one cares - I have put a photo of a Camel Spider in the gallery, subject to approval!!!!
I care about you also Gunny xxxxx

Shame I am so thick.
It was that naughty naughty girl with the initials BB. She told a friend of mine who told me.

I can't say any more - far too upset........


Thanks Dale, but have you got one of those Brown recluse gits - that thumb looked a bit too nasty to allow the b'stards to live.

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