Spiderman, are we being fooled. Is he a Pay-clerk

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sea-king, May 4, 2007.

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  1. So there I was thinking to myself (as you do).
    This guy gets bit by a rabid spider then develops amazing spider powers, crawling up walls etc.
    Now my thoughts turned to real spiders and their spider powers,crawling up walls, sitting motionless for hours on end ( sounds like a pay-clerk) sucking the life blood of insects out of them ( sounds even more like a pay-clerk now). Ejecting vast quantities of sticking stuff out of their bottoms ( Now I don´t know, nor wish to know what they do on their days off but I think this comes close) And generally sitting around pulsating and waiting for the next victim to come to their lair.
    My conclusion , drink fuelled albeit, Spiderman is a pay clerk, and a virgin to boot. :p
    His name may be Cabbage the Slowest Clerk on Earth, Sennelager.
    Scots DGs around 1979-80 will remember this object :p
  2. hmmm... i've never seen spiderman explain that you've not been given your bounty for doing less than the required MTDs or 14 days straight - despite you pointing out that infact you have over double the minimum and 28 days straight :evil:
  3. You never seen the Directors Cut , full of stuff like that. :lol: