Spider Badge/Patch?

Afternoon folks,

I've got a weird looking patch, dont know if its authentic or just made up. Its a black spider on a square piece of green cloth.

Anybody help me?
Is it made from real cloth? Then its an authentic patch! No idea what it means though.
Does it look like this?

Also available on a green background... formation patch of the 81st West African Division.
Yeah i have no way of uploading a picture, and i cant find one on google either.

Yeah its got white backing, thick-ish material, just like any other patch you get issued.
It is fairly big 2 inches by 2 inches.

Sorry im a bit vague.
Oh well..lol...its not that then!

I know the Germans used a spider for some of there U-boat crews..but if I remember, its a silver/gray spider on a shield shape. So again, no bloody use!..lol
What, apart from the green background, makes you assume it is military in provenance.
It will be almost impossible to find out what patch this is without a picture, I reckon.
It sounds like a unit patch of some sort, worn on a shoulder but just imagine how many would be in exinstance!
No, need a piccy, matey takeme..

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