Spicy Food in Germany

One trouble with the Krauts - they think a korma is 'a bit spicy' so it's nigh on impossible to get anything decent out here. Luckily I happened across this website:

Clicky for Chilli Heads

The owner, Nick, was most helpful and I recieved my delivery within three days through the BFPO system (unheard of in itself!)
Their stuff ranges from mild to an extract 1,500 times more potent than Tobasco Sauce! 8O Their Jack Daniels Chilli sauce is to die for! :hungry:
Not just for Germany of course, could be a good chance to spice up that ORP in Afg. (After TELIC 1 and 3 months of frickin' Lancashire Hot Pot I speak from experience) :x

I am not affiliated with this website in anyway nor biased - but he did send me a couple of freebies


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hehehe...worthwhile checking the site out just for the colourful descriptions!! :twisted: I own a bottle of Daves Ultimate Insanity...and it is mad..we had a bottle in Kosovo for barmans punishment...classic! :twisted:
I ordered the aforementioned Lynchberg Tennessee Hot Sauce and the succinctly named 'One F****** Drop at a Time'. I think if I put a drop directly on my tongue it may have a similar effect to Alien blood on the Nostromo deck! :omfg:


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one drop of "Daves" in a boil in the bag was enough to make ones nose runny..hahaha :twisted:

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