Spics closes border with Gibraltar



i call that a serious "throwing the teddy out of the pram" by the spics, they have been trying it on for years :roll: , if they want the Gibraltarians to join spain , they are certainly doing it the right way !! :twisted:, i wonder how long the border will be closed for ? even when the boat has left the border is still shut so i wonder if ts going to be a replay of 1969.
this time round tho the spanish people who work in the rock, can start voting out the local councillers and govt to demostrate that they are uspet about being kept from their jobs , unlike under Franco you had no choice, i wonder how spic workers are stuck in Gibraltar?
thoughts people ?

last time I went to the rock there were a load of exocets on trucks in the rock fire one of those into spic land :twisted:
Bloody Spaniards...

...They keep fannying about but Gibraltar dosen't want to join them so they can't do diddly about it.

...Except one-day invade perhaps, i might get a chance to give them a trouncing some day in the future, well, probably not...i don't think you could fit more than three Ch2's on the little thing...

Not sure it'd work anyway, the three most useful nations are the British the French and the Germans.
Franco-British relations if you look to the past have always been a little less than chummy.
The Hun has only fought three wars, each time invading France.

Can't see it going too smoothly.

Damn i wish we had that Empire m'larkey still going... :cry:

Always thought that it was spelt SPIK?

Who remembers the 'gang of Spiks' famed in every squaddies war story book, of how he took a good shoeing down the Stadt on Saturday ?
I thought the Spanish were Dagos or Dons?


dagos is a good name as any , we tend to use spics round here but spiks is ok too,

why dont we ban flights from spain over the UK airspace , their tourist industry will hit the dust quite quickly ! the majority of tourist are british and at the same time shut the border on our side for 24 hours to tell them that they cant have it their way!

one thing ive noticed about spain when i was walking around is no War memorials to the WW1 WW2 etc , only spanish civil war crap, they have never fought a major war outside of spain for years and thenation is run a bunch of childish politicians who certainly are trying to persuade teh Gibs to join spain using the wrong methods and is counter productive setting back progress by 100 years.

to quote on the Gibratarian residents " in the modern age and in the european union we never thought it would happen, but they did it and now we know we can never rely on the spanish"

says it all,the spics have shot themselves inthe foot over this
i dont know why the dagos want Gib back, they would lose the cheap petrol that they drive across the border for cos its more expensive in spain.
theres nearly Half a million brits in spain these days anyway time for some stay behind training on the costa anyone :twisted:


if those half million brits decides to have a holiday in greece, cyprus and portugal instead of spain , the spic will soon be feeling it in their pockets !

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