Spice of Life pub in Soho - anti army!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ape2, Sep 11, 2011.

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  1. Last Friday I was in a family party of 17. We had come from various parts of the UK to celebrate my mothers 70th birthday in Chinatown.

    Following a cracking meal, we went to the Spice of Life Pub in Cambridge Circus, London so that we could continue to socialise. We were stopped by the bouncer, who had eyed my son, a young looking 20 year old. He asked him for identification and my son, who had just completed Basic Training that day, produced his army ID. The said bouncer, looked at it, asked him if he had anything else and when told no, stated that they didn't serve the Army. I was mortified and disgusted. I am an ex soldier and have been a Police Officer for 20 years. My brother, a 52 year old ex Army Surgeon, was there. Also there was a serving Royal Navy Officer. My son is the fifth generation of my family to serve in the Army.

    Being a cop and knowing it is pointless arguing with door trolls, we left. I have written to the pub and Brewery complaining and have told them I willspread the word about their anti military policies.

    Please boycott this pub and mcmullens brewery until they change their minds
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  2. Plenty of other pubs in the area.

    How often are Service People told - your ID card is not for anything other than getting onto camp. Certainly not for bigging yourself up as you go into a pub.
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  3. You might want to let the Current Bun know as well.

    I do say 'might', though.
  4. did his id have his dob on? If not then the bouncer is quite correct to refuse entry - if the pub serves under 18s they could lose their licence. The doorman was only doing his job. You don't say he was anti-military at all.

    surprised that pub is still there anyway - I haven't been in for over 20 years!
  5. ******.
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  6. It's their pub and they can serve who they want.
  7. The Bouncer stated that they didn't serve the Army.
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Don't all MOD90s? Second line, under your rank?
  9. Don't pubs/clubs have the right to refuse entry for any reason? In central London there is a large number of squaddies, there is/was a Bn in Wellington Barracks and you have the HCav in Knightsbridge, not to mentions others who may venture to that part of town from places like St Johns Wood and Woolwich. It is entirely possible that they have had trouble with pissed up squaddies before and have decided that they don't want that type in their establishment, I find it surprising that they wouldn't let him in even when in a group of family and not a gang of pissed up squaddies but if the bouncer has his orders he might not be willing to face disciplinary action.

    Get over it.
  10. Beat me to it. Where does it say anybody was "bigging it up"?
  11. So despite knowing he was 'Army', he'd have been happy if he had pulle dhis driving licence out as ID?

    Shame he had finished Basic that day aswell. With all those military types in the group you'd have thought one would have mentioned you don't bother showing military ID for anything other than goin gin to camp and getting discount from BK.

    As a copper couldn't yo have done the bouncer for discrimination or something?
  12. Another outrage express train moment, who gives a ****. We're squaddies, not some sort of protected species. Besides, the type of place that refuses entry to squaddies is the type of place that's full of people you'd want to fill in anyway.

    Take your driving licence along in future.
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  13. I was refused service in a pub once, the only ID I had was my MOD90. The bird behind the bar said they had a list of recognised ID cards they could accept and the MOD90 wasn't on there so she wouldn't serve me, didn't have to leave and it didn't stop my mates from buying the drinks.

    Get over it
  14. It's their gaff and they can do what they like within the law. There's nothing to say that squaddies have got to be allowed into anywhere they want.

    That principle is supposedly one of the things the Army's there safeguard.
  15. I've not been there for years, but it used to be great. I scored every time I went there!