Spice Girls Comeback

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mapco, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Yep there back adn they will do a one Year World tour andearn £10 Million each. But Ginger says they are not doing this for the money in fact they dont need the money they will be doing this for the fans.
    Well Ginger and the rest of the Girls if you aint doing it for the money why dont you donate the £50 Million that you will make there are a lot of people out there who have just lost there homes in the floods
  2. Good grief.
  3. There was a picture in The Times yesterday of them when they first started out and I was astonished to discover that 4 of them were quite attractive at the time (I've never liked that Beckham woman). Sadly they've declined since; the only one I'd shag now is Bunton, and even then I'd do it out of spite.
  4. .................Amen

    P.S. A service charity would be absolutely fantastic.
  5. That's assuming anyone is foolish enough to pay to see/hear them again!
  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    And Bat_Crab would chip in an extra few quid for a baby bone option...
  7. You wouldn't diddle the skinny Vickster?


    (no-one is suggesting talking to her or funding her frock habit)
  8. I'll tell you what I want;
    What I really, really want...

    Them to f*ck off into obscurity and take their well-honed miming skills with them. They make the Big Brother house look interesting and talented - not the contestants, the building!
  9. Who'd have thought it, hold the front page, "Houses built on flood plain, flooded!"
    My house is on a hill, go figure.

    Oh yes, the Spice Girls? yup, they'd all get it.
  10. £10m each to bash out old numbers over a 25 show tour?

    Well of course you would!
  11. I recall an article about her, a blerk was quoted as saying that she wasn't quite such a baby when he boned her in his Mini Cooper, she booted off all of the flick switches
  12. And some of those were a right bugger to replace. Did it have bucket seats out of interest?

  13. what kind of role models are they to our children . with only one husband between the four of them
  14. If I see that Beckham woman one more time, I'll put a contract out on her.

    I'll get a hitman to spray her with liquid poo everytime she makes a public appearance.

    Then I will laugh, like this "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!".
  15. I for one wouldn't mind being dipped in chocolate and laid on a silver platter before them.

    p.s if any of Girls Aloud are reading, I would also be prepared to do the same for you.