Sphinx battery maximum of two years service?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by almightyhaggis2002, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. Is it true that you can only serve with 4/73 for a maximum of two years before being posted back to your parent unit?
  2. Things must have changed back in the day when you were in you were in.
  3. on a serious note, contact them and check. I worked for them a few times (not as part of them, I'm not a sphincter battery walt) and I'm sure several of them did the two years and then had their posting extended for a further two years.
  4. Funnily enough thats the site i got the info from and i even found the site using google well done me! The reason i ask is because i have been told differently by a bloke who is serving ra but didnt seem to clued up and it wouldnt be the first time ive read out of date information on the army website.
  5. Situation normal - carry on !
  6. from the relevent DIN

    "Non RA volunteers will return to their parent unit at the end of the two year posting, unless an extension is agreed by their parent unit or the individual applies to transfer to the Royal Artillery and is successful."
  7. Ok so if i was in 4/73 from 5 ra would i get to stay there for longer?
  8. If you were in the Army at all, and if you got into the RA, and if you got posted 5 RA, and if you passed the selection and training for 4/73, then it is possible
  9. Right thats a strange way of answering the question. If a member of RA went into Sphinx they would be able to stay in longer is that what your saying?
  10. The soldiers tend to stay there long term. If you are an RA soldier you will be posted in there and that is where you will stay. Some of them move into other batterys in 5th regiment for promotion reasons but like to go back to the mothership. There is a special observer career stream but promotion can be hard.

    Soldiers from the REME for example can do two years but tend to transfer cap badge and stick around. They have soldiers from all over the army, from royal sigs to para Reg.

    When you qualify as a special observer you wear a black version of your cap badge on the infantry beret.

    For officers you do a standard 2.5 year posting and then move on. If you come from another Regt/ corps you can either return to that or attempt to change cap badge to the RA. The Adjt 5th regiment is ex REME and 4/73 for example.
  11. Thats exactly the informations i was looking for thanks very much for the reply. :D
  12. Just to add to that

    The 2 year rule applies to non RA personel who pass selection, at the end of the engagement they are given the choice, return to original unit or formally transfer to the RA.

    I have known guys who have served their entire career within the Bty

    Oh and stop callling it Sphinx or Sphinx Bty, that the Bty Honour Title, not some secret CoD designation.
  13. Where did CoD come from :-S

    Every member of the forces i know refers to it as Sphinx lol
  14. I have never heard it referred to as sphinx battery. Mainly just 4/73 or alternatively the special op battery.
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