Spetnaz vs Green Berets

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by boredcivvy, May 14, 2009.

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  1. they make special forces look bad
  2. So... take 4 oldish blokes; have them use a few weapons in artificial scenarios; make adjustments to "scores" on the basis of guestimations/ personal opinions/ prejudices, and from these "outcomes" extrapolate to some generalised conclusion about the relative effectiveness of whole units! Hmmm... Proves nothing except how ridiculous computer modelling can be; the silly "Green Berets" involved should have known better than to expose themselves to this - as one seemed to realise at the end. Plonker!

    Apart from anything else, who/ what are "Spetsnaz"? A generic term for any troops deemed of "special purpose" covering a multitude of possibilities. Some "Spetsnaz" units were/ are without doubt very good; others somewhat less so! US Army Special Forces, on the other hand, are very clearly defined: a regiment with specific entry & training standards, and well defined mission specifications - many of which, incidentally, have little to do with blowing/ shooting people up, chopping heads with entrenching tools (BTW, thought THAT was a bit of a Spetsnaz obsession!) and turning innards to jelly.

    One of the "geeks" commented at the end that "Spetsnaz" had "more skills" ( highly questionable assertion, I feel!) but that the differences between performances were "not statistically significant"!? So, in reality, and entirely predictably, the "win" - insofar as it means anything in this context! - came down to nothing more than a little luck on the day! One big difference, however, was that the Russians seemed to go about things in a more measured/ matter of fact way, and - very telling, I felt - did not feel the need to festoon themselves with elaborate paraphenalia. Maybe that made the difference?
  3. I looked this show up on Wikipedia and coming up they have 'William Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu' and...wait for it...

    ...the I.R.A. vs. the Taliban.

  4. :wink: Ridiculous but oh so hilarious sounding. Although I know it'll be shite I have a morbid curiousity to see this one. Where will they fight though, on whose home turf? Will it be Sangin or Newry? Will the IRA buy C130s to get there or have the Taliban bought assault ships or summat? Or will they both just team up on us?

    And Wessex is right, Spetz Natz could be Spetz Natz GRU, FSB, MVD, Alfa, Vympel, Mobile Forces formation recce in the Army, etc etc etc.
  5. North London, probably, innit. Plenty of both there...