Spent criminal conviction

after leaving the army at the age of 22 I was jailed for a period of 12 months for a fight I was involved in. The conviction was 13 years ago and is now spent, can I now join the TA?
This has been covered before and yes you will now be able to apply because the conviction in spent.
Any conviction over 2.5 years is never spent though.
Some years ago you were not aloud to join if you had served a sentence in an adult jail but this was because of the upper age limit and the 10 year waiting period.
Good luck and I hope you enjoy it!

Sorry to jump on to your post, but im currently in exactly the same position and wondering if you have come across any problems with joining the TA ? I have applied online and am currently waiting for my first point of contact with the acio my sentence was 13 years ago and was custodial also.

dont worrie about those convictions you'd be fine, i got a 12 month sentance in 2004 and i got through into the regulars fine, well i say fine, but i'm still waiting to goto selection, but al the damin stuff was fine. good luck all :)

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