spent criminal conviction: rehabilation of offender act

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jonny36, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. can you be turned down for the TA as an infantry soldier if you have SPENT criminal convictions?
    On the application form you can tick No to never having had a conviction if it is spent.
  2. If the conviction is spent you don't have to list it. 1974 rehabilitation of offenders act.
  3. thanks mate.
    that means I can put it behind me and get the maroon machine back on!
  4. I do believe that you have to have a clear 12 years without commiting a new offence.
  5. where did the number 12 come from?
    It is 10 years rehabilatation for a prison sentence
    5 years for a fine for it is spent and you can legally answer no to have a conviction under the rehabilation act.
  6. My typo (sorry).
  7. johnny you answered your own question there! From a Criminal Record "Disclosure" point of view a custodial sentence hangs in there. If it is for violence or a sexual nature it hangs in forever
  8. thanks mate I realise that they will allways come up on a CRB check. However anything less than 32 month in jail will become spent after the individual rehabilation period. In the section on offences (application form)states the 'rehabilation act' allowing you to tick 'No' to have you ever been convicted because the offence is now spent.

    Therefore it would be against the act to take any spent conviction against you on applying. Otherwise they would not state the ROA.