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can you be turned down for the TA as an infantry soldier if you have SPENT criminal convictions?
On the application form you can tick No to never having had a conviction if it is spent.
For certain employers, such as the MOD and Guber'ment convictions are never truly spent and they will always be able to see them.

That doesn't however mean that will say no to you.

Your best (from experience) is to be honest about it when asked (and they WILL ask you). If you are thinking about joining a unit, go and have a chat with the recruiting team and tell them about your situation.

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When joining the Army you are required to give details of any civil convictions you have which are considered 'unspent' under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. You are, for the most part, entitled to withhold details about those convictions considered 'spent', however, there are exceptions to this under the Act. If you are interested in employment in the Army Medical Services, as an administrator with the Adjutant General's Corps or other designated sensitive employments, you will be required to declare all 'spent' convictions.

The idea is to give those who have been convicted of offences a chance to live them down. This means that if a certain period of time has passed since you were convicted, you can fill in your application as if the offence, conviction and sentence had never taken place. In the case of the exceptions to the Act mentioned above, it is important for us to have a full understanding of your background if you are going to work with children and vulnerable adults as well as working with sensitive information.

Be honest with us about your past. Remember, past convictions, 'spent' or 'unspent' will not necessarily debar you from entry into the Armed Forces. But also remember, any undisclosed convictions may make you liable to prosecution.
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