spent convictions?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by sutton, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. When they look at your previouse convictions do they look at 1 court appearance as 1 conviction even though its two charges such as criminal damage and assault? because I have recently appeared in court for those charges (pleaded guilty as i was in the wrong) but the onli thing is I also have a previouse for carrying an offensive weapon. (which was a piece of 2 x 4!! as stupid as it sounds)
  2. A conviction is when you have been found guilty of an offence in court. So if you were charged with 2 offences but only found guilty of one, that's 1 conviction. An appearance is meaningless, it's the conviction that counts.

    Cautions are slightly different. To receive a caution from the police means that you have admitted responsibility for comitting an offence. This is held on record and may or may not be disclosed by police when the records are checked.

    Also you may want to Google the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act because after a period of time (Can't recall off the top of my head) some convictions become "Spent" a bit like points on your DL.

    The other thing that occurs to me is that you may mean "Are they going to look at my previous when I get to court?"

    Well, they may but generally only for like offences - i.e. You go to court for murder and the court is informed of your 32 previous convictions/arrests for murder thus indicating a propensity to kill people...
  3. i'd get a charge sheet off you're solicitor or go and see the data protection officer at you're local police staion who will be able to give you a charge sheet, take this to you're AFCO and they'll decide what to do with you. If you take the charge sheets in it'll be easier for the person at the AFCO to break down you convictions and see wether you'll be eligible to apply. word of warning though, army dont like violent convictions but they do take into acount that the times have changed and people get into trouble, but good look.
  4. But bear in mind that a charge doesn't always mean a conviction - I've charged people with offences that weren't proved at court, so taking a charge sheet along might give the impression that you were found guilty of those offences when in fact the evidence might not have been conclusive enough for a court to find you guilty....

    The question needs clarifying really. Are you asking about convictions in order to satisfy an employer about your character or are you worried about character evidence for a court case?
  5. Yeah your right about that but a charge sheet states wether its a caution or a conviction, you can also get cautions knocked off the charge sheet as you dont legaly have to declare them. I only sujest this because being a numpty i ended going to prison for six months The Sgt at the AFCO couldnt decide what to do with me because he'd never delt with a prison conviction before so i got the charge sheets which enabled him to see exactly what i was charged with, what i was sentenced to etc.. and he decided i could apply
  6. I'm glad it's all worked out for you but a note of clarification.

    A charge sheet is just a notice to you that you have been charged with something - e.g. There appears to be enough evidence to put you in front of a court. It doesn't deffers mean you will get convicted for that offence.

    A caution is when you are nicked for something, get interviewed and admit the offence and say "Yes I did it" and the police offer you a recorded bollocking which doesn't go to court but is recorded and retained by us.

    A conviction is when you go to court and you are found guilty by Magistrates or a Juryof an offence.

    But I know what you mean, the technicalities can mind boggling if you're not sure of what's what. Hope I've been of use :)
  7. yeh cheers everyone for the info, i'm going down to the office tomorow to sort it all out hopefully, 1 good thing if they won't accept me yet is i could try and get my english gcse while i waite so i can go in the RE no problems, thanks again