Spent 89.9% of my pay first weekend!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by StevieW, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. JPA pays the german bank accounts early its now offically pay day today and all i have is the little allotment im getting into my english account as i have emptied my german account after my millionaires Weekend!! im not looking for your sorrow i know its me who has spent it but im just wondering if this is the case throughout the army?? Or is it jus me who is shit at managing my cash?? Any one got any ideas on how to save and still have a good time.... and please id appreciate it if i didnt get all the posts saying "Well if ya dont spend it you can save it" Save your time please......
  2. Swop ur allotments around, main pay in UK bank, then enjoy millionaire weekend with lower cash and be the richer one a few days later, when the rest of the lads are broke
  3. I certainly blew all my dosh immediatly and then i discovered the joys of credit, they couldnt give it to me fast enough.

    All the other lads did it as well. I certainly wasnt alone.
  4. yeah i was thinking bout swapping round my allotments round i really think it is time i started to sort my finanaces out, i earn good money but whats the point when it goes in the first weekend!!!!
  5. First of all. Congratulations you are a true squaddie, well done.

    What about opening up an ISA for tax free returns.

    Open a savings account which you have to give notice of withdrawal.
    Visit the pay office lots of times and you will soon learn the number of the pay officers flash cash safe, then one night when its quiet..............
  6. WHy not take out a NAAFI charge card, then when you are skint you can get a Pioneer stacker or Technics system when all your pals are robbing from the cookhouse.
  7. Get a mortagage on a flat in the uk

    Rent it out

    Thats the adviced I wish I'd been given 20 odd years ago

    Dont save it cos you'll just meet some bird who will spend your savings
  8. I can still remember my pay going into my German bank account and me STILL being overdrawn. :(

    Not a problem in the days before PAYD and beer at 50pfgs a pint.

    Not such a good idea anymore I would assume.

    Best think I ever did was open a high intrest savings account in the UK, on the pays extra if you pay regular and don't touch it for a year, then got an allotment from my pay straight in there. It soon mounted up to a sizable sum.
  9. I like the idea of the safe maybe i'll jus read a book with all my free time this month and learn how to hack safes!! I have tried the cash free ISA and i found myself just transferring the money back into my account as soon as i was skint, think i have about 87p in there!! Maybe a bank should open up a squaddie account, you cant withdraw money unless you have a breathaliser, and you cant spend use your card in brothels and strip joints....any other ideas?
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Then sell it two months later for DM25-
  11. I remember going on Ex to Norway many moons ago and getting AR payments like jelly tots. Couple months later got a payslip for the month showing - £150. Oh how I laughed............
  12. what about becoming a medic. So long spent on tour that you will never ever get to go on the wallop again. problem solved
  13. Sorry this is not a WARR question what are AR payments?
  14. I'll give you £20 for your Ipod, £30 for your Playstation and a ton for your motor.
  15. cock......